These are some of the wonderful things students, faculty/staff and community members have to say about the UofL Women's Center, our programs and our student groups!

“It was welcoming and the conversations were informative and interesting.” - Undergraduate Student 

“The environment allowed me to share my story, and I am thankful for that.” - Undergraduate Student 

“I enjoyed being reminded of others’ perspectives and experiences.” - Undergraduate Student 

“The women I was able to work with during my years in W4W have been incredible passionate, hard-working, and all-around inspiring." - Graduating Women 4 Women Student Board Member 

"I love the diversity of the speakers and participants!" - Women's Empowerment Luncheon Attendee 

“There is no way to put a price on the knowledge I gained.” - Faculty/Staff  

“I feel a lot more empowered and motivated since I’ve been surrounded by these women.” - College Women's Leadership Conference Attendee 

“I met a lot of valuable people and even got closer to ladies from my own university.” - Faculty Staff 

“Leadership opportunities and having a support system.” - Graduating Women 4 Women Student Board Member 

"The HSC Women's Lunch & Trivia provides a very relaxed environment and is good for connecting with other women." - Postdoc 

"I enjoyed interacting with people in my community and meeting people on campus involved in the Women's Center." - Undergraduate Student 

 “Should not be missed this is a great conference for readers and writers and women!” -  Kentucky Women's Book Festival Attendee

"An opportunity to network and address topics of importance" - Faculty/Staff

"All in all, my experience was a positive one. I look forward to my work and involvement next semester, and I encourage others to seek and learn about programs offered by the Women’s Center." - Work-Study Student Worker

"The Women’s Center is a great place for students to come when they need a variety of resources. The Center always supports new ideas and is looking to help the students in any way they can." - Undergraduate Student