Dawn Heinecken

Ph.D. American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, 1999

Dr. Dawn Heinecken is Professor, Women's and Gender Studies.

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Selected Publications




  • Heinecken, Dawn. The Warrior Women of Television: A Feminist Cultural Analysis of the New Female Body in Popular Media. (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2003).
  • Shields, Vickie Rutledge with Dawn Heinecken.  Measuring Up: How Advertising Affects Self-Image. (Baltimore, MD: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001). --2004 Award for Excellence in Visual Communication Research. National Communication Association. Visual Communication Division.



  • Heinecken, Dawn “Contact Zones: Humans, Horses and the Books of Marguerite HenryChildren’s Literature Association Quarterly (forthcoming 2017)

  • Heinecken, Dawn “Empowering Girls Through Sport? Sports Advice Books for Young Female Readers.” Children’s Literature in Education 47.4 (2016): 325-342.

  • Heinecken, Dawn “African American Girls in Children’s and YA Sports Fiction: Encouraging Participation?” In Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Culture: A Mosaic of Criticism. Ed. Amie A. Doughty (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016)

  • Heinecken, Dawn. "Gender and Jockography: Postfeminism and Resistance in Female Sports Autobiographies." Feminist Media Studies (2015). DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2015.1052006. Feminist Media Studies 16.2 (2016): 325-343.
  • Heinecken, Dawn. "So Tight in the Thighs, So Loose in the Waist: Embodying the Female Athlete Online." Feminist Media Studies (2015) DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2015.1033638. Feminist Media Studies 15.6 (2015) : 1035-1052.
  • Heinecken, Dawn. "Pretty Tough Sports and the Promotion of Female Empowerment in Young Adult Sports Fiction." The Lion and the Unicorn 39(1)2015: 23-41.
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  • Heinecken, Dawn. "Haunting masculinity and Frightening Femininity: The Novels of John Bellairs." Children's Literature in Education 42(2) (2011): 118-131.
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  • Heinecken, Dawn. Sexed Appeals:  Network Marketing Organizations and Adult Novelty Home Parties Studies in Popular Culture 31. 2 (2009): 23-43. -- Winner of the 2009 George Whatley Prize.
  • Rutledge Shields, Vickie and Dawn Heinecken.   Kelloggs and Virginia Slims Offer Only a Wink for Women While New Advertising Campaigns Dare to Enter the Sign of Feminism. In Women, Advertising and Representation: Beyond Familiar Paradigms, ed. Sue Abel, Marjan deBruin and Anita Nowak (Hampton Press, 2009).
  • Heinecken, Dawn.  Toys Are Us: Contemporary Feminisms and the Consumption of Sexuality.     In Pop-Porn: Pornography in American Culture, ed. Ann C. Hall and Mardia Bishop (London: Praeger, 2007).
  • Heinecken, Dawn.  Barbie. In American Icons, ed. Dennis R. Hall and Susan Grove Hall (Westport CT:  Greenwood Publishing, 2006).
  • Heinecken, Dawn. I Wasn't Planning on Hurting You-Much: Sadomasochism, Melodrama and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction. Spectator 25.1 (2005): 48-60.
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  • Heinecken, Dawn. Fan Readings of Sex and Violence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Slayage: The On-Line International Journal of Buffy Studies. 3.3-4 (2004) [peer-reviewed journal]
  • Heinecken, Dawn. Boundary Battles: Heroic Narratives, the Feminine, and MTVs Aeon Flux. Studies in Popular Culture 24. 1 (2001): 71-86.
  • Heinecken, Dawn. Changing Ideologies in Romance Fiction. Romantic Conventions. Ed. Anne K. Kaler and Rosemary Johnson-Kurek. Bowling Green: The Popular Press, 1999.
  • Gromko, Joyce, and Dawn Heinecken. The Garage Band: An Alternative Music Venue.  Research Perspectives in Music Education, 1,  (1999): 9-13.
  • Heinecken, Dawn  and Joyce Gromko. Action Research:  Narrative Analysis of Conflict in Higher Education.  On-line Martin Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2. Available at http://www.martin.uidaho.edu/ (1999).

Book Reviews:

  • Fighting The Forces: Whats At  Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ed. Rhonda V. Wilcox and David Lavery (Popular Communication 1.3 (2003):185-187.


Current and recent courses:

  • Women in American Culture (introductory WGST course)
  • Gender & Public Dialogue (fulfills general education requirement in oral communication)
  • Body in Popular Media (cross-listed with Humanities)
  • Gender and Childrens Literature  (cross-listed with English)
  • Women, Media & Culture
  • Gender and Science Fiction (cross-listed with English)


Research interests:

My research focuses on critical/cultural approaches to the study of gender representation in popular media, cultural studies, media audience reception and feminist criticism.