Pre and Post Migration Checklist

SharePoint 2010 Pre-Migration Checklist

  • The day you are scheduled to migrate, stop uploading documents and making changes to your SharePoint area (just until you migrate)

  • Create a list of your site folders (you cannot document everything, spot checking will be fine)

  • Create a list of files contained in your site folders (again, spot checking will be fine)

  • Make a note of security groups and settings applied to your SharePoint site

  • Document custom functions you are using in SharePoint. For example: workflows, info path forms, dashboards, excel services, web parts, etc.


SharePoint 2010 Post-Migration Checklist

Use information you gathered through the pre-migration process to verify content

  • Login to your SharePoint 2010 site using your same 2007 URL

  • Verify your site folders migrated correctly

  • Verify content in your site folders migrated correctly

  • Verify security settings

  • Verify any custom functions you installed are working correctly. If not, reinstall anything you custom installed to your site.

If IT Next Gen created custom functions for your site, contact them.