Migration Timeline




Migration Phase 1A

(KnowledgeLake Customers)

October 12th PM Extended PM

Uninstall KnowledgeLake from 2007

Upgrade KnowledgeLake Imaging
From 2.4 to 4.1

Migrate KnowledgeLake Customers

Correct KnowledgeLake Setup
(department locations – individual computer setup)

October 15th – 16th

Fix and Setup

1)       Undergrad Admissions

2)       Education

3)       Faculty Records

4)       VPF

5)       Graduate Admissions

6)       DEHS

7)       IT Design and Print

Migration Phase 1B October 17th Extended PM Migrate All Of SharePoint Secure - Including IT site

Migration Phase 2

November 2nd Extended PM

Migrate SharePoint Public