To review a full list of the improvements and new features SharePoint 2010 offers, visit this SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010 Comparison site.

  • Ribbon: All site management and changes are done via the new ribbon interface. The ribbon interface was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, so this new feature should be a familiar sight. The ribbon user interface concept has been adopted by SharePoint 2010 to provide a seamless, familiar and responsive user experience across the entire Office suite.
  • Multilingual: SharePoint 2010 provides multilingual support for the ribbon, menus and site navigation. Moreover, site owners can configure fields within lists to support multiple languages.
  • Compliance and Accessibility: SharePoint still categorizes browsers on two levels: Level 1 and Level 2 browser support. Level 1 browsers are Internet Explorer (IE) 7, IE8, and Firefox – all 32-bit browsers; 100 percent functionality is guaranteed. Level 2 browsers are IE7 and IE8 (64-bit), Safari, and Firefox on other platforms; there are some limitations in rendering and behavior. IE6 is not supported.
  • Office Web Apps: Work together in Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) simultaneously and see team members’ changes in real time. The Web Apps allow light edits to documents; document formatting and content are maintained when changes are made from the Web.
  • Co-authoring: With co-authoring, you can work together in Microsoft Office applications and see changes from other team members tracked in SharePoint 2010-hosted documents.
  • Easy access to templates: You can access document templates stored in SharePoint 2010 via the New Document wizard in Office 2010 applications.
  • Online presentations: Audiences don’t need PowerPoint 2010 to view presentations; they can see the presentation in high quality online.
  • Full-fidelity mobile viewing: This feature is much improved over SharePoint 2007.
  • Editing to mobile: Perform light edits to Microsoft Office documents from your mobile device via Office Web Apps.