SharePoint 2010 FAQs

What is SharePoint?

  • SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that makes it easier for people to work together. In SharePoint, you can share and edit files and presentations with your colleagues, store important documents and more.

Why is SharePoint being upgraded?

  • SharePoint 2010 offers the university community a number of improvements and new features over the current version, SharePoint 2007.

When will SharePoint 2010 training be available?

  • In-person SharePoint 2010 training will begin in January 2013. In the meantime, online training is available at Microsoft E-Learning. (Log in with your ULink userID and password.)

What is the SharePoint schedule timeline and launch?

How will my 2007 site be moved to 2010?

  • We will make a copy of your SharePoint 2007 site and then attach that copy to your new SharePoint 2010 area. Your 2007 site will then be locked in read-only mode.

What are the benefits of going to SharePoint 2010?