Prime Time Marketing Theme Updated

Changes that were applied on Friday, November 22, 2013


Marketing Site Theme 1.0.16 -> 1.0.17

  1. Fix homepage blockquote issue - updated documentation at
  2. Remove empty left or right columns when no portlets are present


To help those of you that have customized heavily:

1)      For the hero rows we had to change the transform to only transform the bootstrap row portlet instead of the static text portlet – the bootstrap row portlet is essentially a static text portlet with a wrapper that outputs it in a bootstrap way – if you had any portlets above the content that don’t show now make sure they’re in a bootstrap row portlet and not a static text one

2)      The markup changes are mainly concerned with the left portlet column and the main content area – I added a wrapper around the left column ul element that houses the local navigation and added real bootstrap spans to create 3 real columns  instead of 2 with a faux 3rd column

3)      CSS changes were removal of hard coded width and margins that created the 3rd faux column and instead relying on the bootstrap framework to calculate the proper widths based on the span classes added from above