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Plone 4 User Guide
This is the Plone 4 user manual
Creating Accessible PDF File From MicroSoft Office
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Visio can all create accessible PDF files natively.
Bootstrap Documentation
UofL’s Plone themes use Bootstrap. Get the documentation for any version here.
jQuery Homepage
UofL’s Plone themes have jQuery enabled. Find documentation and tutorials here.
HTML: The Living Standard
The modern HTML specification in friendlier form for web developers. This stays current with the latest changes.
Specifications, tutorials, cheatsheets, and validators for HTML and CSS. The specifications tell what the languages do in correct implementations.
ECMAScript® Language Specification
More commonly known as JavaScript, this definitive specification tells what the language and standard library do in correct implementations.
Can I use... Support tables for Web Development
Web browsers don’t instantly implement the latest specifications correctly. An up-to-date database tells the web browser versions that correctly implement features.
Plone 4 Training
IT offers Plone 4 video and text training.