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Step-by-step instructions.

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Site Administrators

Adding a UofL Event Calendar feed to your Plone website
Add Site-Wide CSS
We used to add site-wide CSS by placing a file named local.css in the site root folder. Local.css has been discarded and we have a more elegant method now.
Add Your Own Google Analytics
Remove the Reverse Video Effect on Multi-Select Form Questions
Redirect Public Link Content Types Immediately to their Targets
By default, link content types on some sites direct visitors to a page showing the link’s target. A site-wide setting makes those links immediately redirect.
Print only main content, no navigation

Site Editors

Add a video to your page.
This how-to will step you through adding a flash video player to your site. See also "how to put a flash video on the flash server" and "How to create a closed caption file".
Create a closed caption file.
Closed captioning or a transcript is required for all videos on the UofL web site. This how to tells you the basics of setting up closed captioning on your video.
Put a video on the flash server (Incomplete)
The Flash server is where all web videos should be housed.
Create a form
Plone 4 forms are easier to create and edit. This is a quick how to on creating them, also see the tutorial.
Add an email link to your page
Email links are useful on web pages to speed customer contact. This is the correct way to add them on the UofL web site.
Use Local CSS
The local CSS function in plone 4 has been improved and made easier to use.
Create an Event
Plone 4 events allow you to notify your customers of upcoming events.
Create a News Item
A news item is like a press release.
Create a collection
A collection allows you to group items in a virtual folder.
Add Collection Criteria!!!!
Collection Criteria allow you to customize your collections for specific data sets.
Create a simple spam filter for forms
Using the string field override provides a very simple filter.
Adding the E-mail Address of the Sender to a Form
By default, the form folder mailer uses a return address of This is how to fix it.
Send a Copy of a Completed Form to the Sender
By default, the sender of a form only gets the on-screen copy of what they filled out. This is how to send it to them as an e-mail in addition.
Fix Broken Thumbnails in the Marketing Hero Banner
Making jQuery work in Plone 4