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UofL contacts for students receiving VA benefits

Information for Student Veterans on the several University offices assisting Veterans with VA benefits

Veterans may need to coordinate with several University offices including the Registrar's Office, Bursar's Office, and the Student Financial Aid Office. Please review the table below to determine the appropriate contact at UofL.

Contact Issue

Carissa Gentry VA Certifying Official 

(502) 852-0998


Students needing to submit paperwork to the federal Veterans Administration in order to certify their eligibility for veterans’ educational benefits while enrolled in school   The VA Certifying Official should be the first stop for any student needing to start the VA certification process. 

Andrea Dolle
3rd Party Billing
Bursar’s Office
(502) 852-6503


When a student receives federal VA educational tuition payments in addition to their monthly stipend, the amount is processed as a third party payment through the Bursar’s Office.  These students should complete our online form To Report Other Aid Resources at  These 3rd party payments are tracked on our system as an award by Angela Beverly (Est. Third Party Billing).

Students having questions about a VETCT checklist.  VETCT is requested by our office when a student indicates they are a veteran of the U.S. armed forces on the FAFSA and they have failed the VA database match.  These students must submit proof of their veteran status.  This has nothing to do with VABEN checklist since veterans may or may not be in receipt of veterans’ benefits.

Lindsay Driskell
Financial Aid Office Tuition Waivers  

Students eligible for state mandated tuition benefits as a result of their relationship to a Kentucky disabled or deceased veteran.  These students must submit paperwork to the Kentucky Veteran’s Administration to certify their eligibility.  As a result, they are issued a certification which must be submitted to Wes for processing by our office.  They will be tracked with a student group (505, 515, 507, 512) and be awarded by our office (T/R State KRS 505, 515, 507, 512).


Document Actions
appy for benefits


recipe for success
  1. Register with the VA
  2. File your FAFSA every year
  3. Get your academic plan down firm
  4. communicate (say that 10x)
  5. get involved and stay connected
  6. find a mentor in your college
  7. start building resume with your core strengths
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