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As an active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and an '89 Speed Scientific School grad, I was very excited to see the picture and article (in the Summer 1998 issue) on Speed School's entry into the SAE's Annual Automotive Design Competition.

I am currently a design engineer at Siemens Automotive, Fuel Components Division, in Newport News, Virginia. We manufacture both alternative fuel and standard gasoline fuel injectors and fuel rail assemblies for 23 out of the 26 major automotive suppliers worldwide. Our company actively sponsors several teams in this competition, providing a variety of engine components and consultation on vehicle development and design. I would be very interested in supporting the university's efforts where needed in next year's competition.

Thank you again for publishing the picture and article. It is great to see my school actively involved in the automotive industry.

Ann M. Kreutziger '89S Product Design Engineer Siemens Automotive Deka Injector Product Group
Newport News, Virginia

Editor's Note: The seven-member Society of Automotive Engineers team from Speed School fared well in its first year of Formula SAE competition at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan in May. The formula racer finished 36th out of 94 teams from schools around the world at the scaled-down Indy car event. The Speed crew claimed the second highest rookie score in the contest, which is based on design, not speed.


Your article in U of L Magazine, Fall 1998, regarding the university joining the Kentucky state system brought back many memories. In the picture on page 19, standing between Gov. Nunn and Dr. Strickler is State Senator Scott Miller, Jr. '51L (36th District, 1957-73), who actually handled SB 117 in the Senate, whereas Gene Stuart (who later succeeded Miller in the Senate) was a member of the House. Norb Blume, Democrat, and Scott Miller, Republican, presented the bill as a non-partisan piece of legislation in order to garner bi-partisan support. They, of course, were supported in their respective bodies by fellow Jefferson Countians, who co-signed the bill. I remember the many meetings with Drs. Ekstrom and Strickler, city leaders, Ed Middleton, the governor, and others with whom my husband met. Miller received an honorary degree in 1983 based, partly, on his work for
U of L in 1970.

You mentioned that Norb Blume was on the U of L Board of Trustees. Scott Miller was also on the Board, having been appointed by Gov. Wendell Ford in 1974 and reappointed by Gov. Julian Carroll. Miller's term ended in 1982, the year he served as the Board's chairman. U of L is such a strong, viable part of the Kentucky higher education system that it's hard to realize it was only a "street car college" 28 years ago.

Respectfully yours,

Ann E. Miller
Louisville, Kentucky