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Executive Vice President

Tara S. Singer '83A, '87G, '93G

Assistant Director

Rodney Williams, Jr. '65A, '68L

Director of Unit Associations

Yvonne Grant Levine '88A

Director of Regional Clubs

Eric W. Wright '94G

Director of Special Programs

Kimberly N. Shomer '97AD

Alumni Association phone:

(502) 852-6186

U  of L toll free:

(800) 813-8635


(502) 852-6920

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The U  of L Alumni Association has launched a comprehensive mentoring program to match alumni with juniors and seniors of all disciplines. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Pam Tucker, alumni mentoring coordinator, at (502) 852-6186 or pltuck01 @gwise. louisville.edu.

Sculptor Ed Hamilton

Members of the U  of L family helped sculptor Ed Hamilton '69LSA (center) celebrate the dedication of The Spirit of Freedom, his memorial honoring African-American soldiers who fought in the Civil War, at a gala ball in Washington, D.C. Hamilton shared the moment with Philip Hart '90A (left), D.C. club president, and Dan Hall,
U  of L's assistant to the president for university relations.

Alumni Association Elects Wes Lewis President

Wes Lewis '86A began his term as president of the U  of L Alumni Association in June 1998. Lewis is director of Hester's Family Fitness and Recreation Center, and he has been an adjunct instructor in the university's sports administration program. He and his wife, Elizabeth '98AD, have two children. Lewis earned his undergraduate degree in communications with a minor in sport administration. As a student, he was a founding member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter at U  of L. He was also a founding member of the Young Alumni Association, and he is devoting his term to the revitalization of this organization. Since becoming the association's president, Lewis has presided over Alumni Leadership Weekend, the Alumni Fellows ceremonies, and Homecoming '98. He served as chair of Homecoming ceremonies for the last five years.


School of Allied Health Sciences

Alumni of the school recently welcomed the newly appointed dean, Roger A. Lanier. In September, the school celebrated its 20th anniversary with a dinner and a silent auction which raised money for scholarships.

School of Medicine

The School of Medicine Alumni Association Board of Directors recently welcomed a new dean, Joel Kaplan, who also serves as vice president for health affairs. Reunions for medical school classes ending in 3 and 8 were held during the months of September and October.

School of Nursing

The school's class of 1988 held its 10-year reunion this fall. An alumni tailgate party was held in September in conjunction with other units from the Health Sciences Center.

Board Members Wanted

If you are interested in serving on the unit association alumni board for your college or school, please contact the director of unit associations at (800) 813-8635. Visit our web page at http://www. louisville.edu/alumni/alum.

US Map

U  of L's regional alumni clubs span the nation. Clubs highlighted on this map are featured in this issue's club roundups. International clubs are located in Cairo, Egypt; San Salvador, El Salvador; Athens, Greece; and Hong Kong.


The Southern California Alumni Club, headed by president Bob Hoertz '74S, held its annual fall outing at the Santa Anita Race Track. The club awarded a sizable scholarship to Ritchie Stump, a California native, to attend U  of L this year.

Dallas/Fort Worth Alumni Club president David Swinney '77S reports that the club held a game watch party for the U  of L vs. UK game in September. The club will host its annual Derby party in May.

The Greater St. Louis Alumni Club has co-presidents, Denise'79A and Doug McElvein. This club was designated as the most improved alumni club at the annual Alumni Leadership Weekend and will hold a special event this spring in recognition of its recent membership growth.

Philadelphia Alumni Club president Mark Shyrock '82B hosted many of his club members at the U  of L vs. UK football game in September. The highlight of the club's summer was a visit from the UPS football, which visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

According to club president John Bruggman '92B, members of the Eastern North Carolina Alumni Club look forward to hosting an event at the Greenville Hilton on November 14 when U  of L plays Eastern Carolina in football. This event will be coordinated with the university's newest alumni club, the Charlotte Area Alumni Club, which was chartered in July.

The Bardstown Area Alumni Club was visited by Head Football Coach John L. Smith this summer. At this event, the UPS ball also made an appearance. Club president Chuck Parrish '82B is planning an alumni admissions open house for November.

The Paducah Area Alumni Club was also visited by the UPS ball this summer. This was a special moment as club president Louis Zimmerman's '89L three-week-old daughter was photographed with the ball. The club will be hosting game watch parties throughout the year and will be engaging in admissions recruitment activities.

The Athens Alumni Chapter was visited by President John W. Shumaker and his wife, Lucy Shumaker, this summer. The club also hosted Henry Enck, executive director of the Institute for International Development, during the fall.

If you reside in one of the above club areas, which generally cover a 50-mile radius of the city noted, please continue your support of the club and its activities. Newcomers are always welcome, so please consider joining this year if you have not been able to in the past or if you just moved into the area. Individuals interested in club programs should call Eric W. Wright, director of regional alumni clubs, for more information at (800) 813-8635 or (502) 852-6913.


Executive Committee

Wes Lewis '86A
Carolee Allen '81MU, '83G
Executive Vice President
Tara S. Singer '83A, '87G, '93G
1st Vice President
Jack Steiner '76A, '81L
2nd Vice President
Ed Wardle '66B
Ann M. Windchy '67B, '71G, '80D
Larry Ethridge '75L
Constituent Group Liaison
Cynthia Brooks '90A
Douglas W. Butler '72A, '83S
Brenda G. Hart '72G
Jim Snyder '77B
Elaine Whelan '66E, '71G
Immediate Past President
Romano L. Mazzoli '60L

Robert M. Augustine '88S
Joanne Berryman '80N
Harold B. (Tex) Bradford '43D
Sherrill Brakmeier '44A, '69G
John Bruggman '92B
Steven Bryant '79S, '83S
Cordelia Hughes Burton '62A
Carol Kunk Butler '73A, '76L
Theresa Butler '69DH, '79G
Frank G. Campbell '53S, '72S
Lindy Casebier '82MU, '87G
Pat Childs '81G
W. D. Crabb '77G
Bev Daly '94G
Bill Darragh '57B
Joan Daugherty '67B, '70G
Jennifer Dunne '94A
Gene P. Gardner '58B
Frank Gerdnic '94G
Linda Gleis '78M
Danny Glidewell '83A, '86SJA
Steven Green '76B
Cis Gruebbel '93G
Ann Marie Haise '91A
Philip C. Hart '90A
Bob Hoertz '74S
Betsy Holton '59E, '63G
Jerome Hutchison, Jr. ASC
Jon Jagemann
Carol Jensen '81B
Lowell Katz '68A, '72M
Steve Kerrick '81B
Carla Kirby '92A
Karen Koshewa '70A
Kristi Jo Levenhagen '91K
Alan Lewis '82S
Joan Lipp '81S, '82G
Wayne R. Martin '83B
Jo Mattingly '89D
Denise McElvein '79A
Richard E. McKnight, Jr. '90S
Creighton Mershon '68L
Mary Cramer Morrow '89B
Matt Landrus '90A
Barbara Gaines Nichols '67K
George R. Nichols '68A, '72M
Michael D. Norris '89S
Merrily Orsini '77K
Charles W. Parrish '82B
Norbert Paulin '70S
Kimberly G. (Kim) Reynolds '69K
William J. Rothwell '89AD
John Schaaf '85L
Joseph E. Schweinhart, Jr. '76A
Mark Shyrock '82B
Alan M. Silbert '71M
Jessica Sines
Nancy Stablein '88AD
Brant Stevens '78B, '79G
Cheryl Stewart '89G
Stephanie L. Stickler '91A
David Swinney '77S
Cliff Travis '66A, '78L
John M. Wernert III '85M
Dick Wilson '74B
Edward Worland '76L
Louis Zimmerman '89L

Past Presidents
Ernest E. Allen '68A, '72L
John W. Ames '67A, '73L
Daniel L. Ash '59S
Bob Benson '69L
Phillip D. Bond '78B
Morris B. Borowitz '40L
Jerry B. Buchanan '65M
Linda Wallbaum Cauble '69A, '74L
William B. Dryden, Jr. '68D
George J. Ellerkamp '43S, '59B, '76S
Rudy J. Ellis, Sr. '43M
Leonard Hardin '79B
John L. Huber '67S, '75G
Richard Northern '76L
Olga S. Peers '51L
Phil L. Rollins '56B
Russell Sanders '76A, '80G, '87G
Lee Sitlinger '68A, '73L
Bettie Weyler '50A, '71G

Public Relations Committee
Joanne Berryman '80N
John Chamberlain '84AD
Kelly Davenport '90A, '91A, '94G
Michele Fischer '95B
Denise D. Fitzpatrick '97AD
William J. Francis, Jr. '73A
Mike Grosso '72S
Brenda G. Hart '72G
Merrily Orsini '77K
John Schaaf '85L
Robert Schulman '96AD
Bettie Weyler '50A, '71G

Stories from the Farm

Usually, this column is titled "Stories from the Road." In this issue, I want to share information from campus, which I often lovingly refer to as "the farm." It's an appropriate nickname for the university's home because one of the most important things we do at U  of L is help people grow. If you have time to help one of our alumni-in-residence grow further, please review the information on the Alumni Association's mentoring program.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss my college experience with other university folks. I have often thought about what it was that made those years so special. One of the things I now know was that "significant non-parental adults" frequently helped me. The term comes out of the student development literature that discusses how the psychological and social development of college students is facilitated through interactions with non-student adults. These significant non-parental adults were my mentors.

Some mentors were my classroom teachers. One taught me the importance of choosing one's words carefully. Another taught me how to be a good structural writer. Others were leaders in the profession of student affairs, which was my first career out of college.

All of them encouraged me to ask questions without fear of reproach. They gave me opportunities to work on projects and stretch my increasing professional knowledge through these experiences. On occasion, they would buy me a meal when I looked a little tired and hungry. They took an interest in my classroom education as well as in my professional aspirations.

A great lady taught me that one could be feminine and professional at the same time. Others have taught me that passion for one's work is crucial. Another helped me learn the importance of planning and being systematic in the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

The lessons my mentors taught were not the ones generally shared in the classroom. They gave me the best they had to give. They shared insights and their own learning experiences in an effort to help me understand the career I was about to pursue. They taught me a little something about life. Finally, they impressed upon me that it's important to give back to those who have given something to you by giving to the future. They all let me know that once I got older, I too would be considered somebody's mentor, and it would be an honor and a serious responsibility.

The Alumni Association initiated its mentoring program this summer. The program is coordinated through each of the academic unit alumni associations. It matches juniors and seniors with professionals in their chosen field of interest. By serving as a mentor, alumni have an opportunity to introduce students who are educated in theory to the real and practical world of professional life.

Participation in the program has numerous advantages. Students get an up close and personal look at the real world of work and the opportunity to relate to people in their selected career field. Mentors benefit from relating to students and reconnecting with the university. Our community gains because the program may help to keep our best and brightest students working in the area and contributing to our local economy after graduation.

I hope that you will consider becoming involved in this program. It is a wonderful way to learn what it is like to be a student today, and I promise that it will help keep you young.


Tara S. Singer
Executive Vice President
University of Louisville
Alumni Association