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Summer 1998
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Building for Excellence

Through the Bicentential capital campaign, U of L is strengthening its status as a catalyst for research and economic development.   Chair Malcolm B. Chancey, Jr. '54B discusses the campaign's significance to the future of U of L.

Front & Center: Toward Pluralism

Assistant Professor of Pan-African Studies J. Blaine Hudson argues that in a society of groups, African Americans must pursue and can achieve equality only as a group, not solely as individuals and not though they were an independent nation.

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Sports: Top Card, New Deal

As U of l's new athletic director, Tom Jurich has set out to implement big changes.   In the works are three new women's sports programs, an expanded NCAA compliance staff, and boosted efforts to make the Cards the class of Conference USA.

"It's All About Hanging in There"

As the head of  the largest minority-owned truck-hauling business in North America, Charlie Johnson '74B attributes his success to strong friendships, a good education, and hard work.

Findings: Attacking Heart Attacks

Distinguished University Scholar Roberto Bolli has discovered that "late-phase preconditioning"  helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks.   His work is elevating U ofL's cardiology division to premier status in both experimental and clinical areas.