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The following letter was written to Herb Koerselman, dean of the School of Music, and Jack Roby, development officer for the school. The sender recently created an endowment for the Malcolm Bird Scholarship, which will be awarded to students seeking a degree in music with emphasis on violin, viola, or cello. In recognition of this gift, the South Recital Hall was dedicated in his honor in February. A champion of chamber music, Bird wants to help the school become a larger source of strings for chamber groups and orchestras.

I am appreciative of the wonderful assistance you've each extended... for me to establish my gift. Without your counsel, the job of arranging my estate, permitting me to more comfortably make the grant, would have been more arduous and problematic. In particular, I am most delighted that you showed me a more suitable method of giving during one's lifetime, permitting me to experience the personal pride and joy that I feel. I recommend this consideration to others who may be arranging matters pertaining to their estate.

During the dedication of the South Hall, there were many who spoke to me about the students' impressive performances. They were a point of pride for U of L and the city. From discussions during the reception, we also know those in the audience (staff, students, and guests) were imbued with an enthusiasm and admiration for the school. This was palpable. The entire proceedings could only be described as a total success. I felt the evening to be a confirmation of the purpose of my gift... (the) ongoing development of all areas of the School of Music, but particularly the area of chamber music.

Malcolm B. Bird
Louisville, Kentucky


You and your excellent staff can be very proud of the U of L Magazine! It is excellent in its scope, and speaks vociferously of the attention to detail in its photography, graphic design, superb coverage, brilliant color, and splendid features. It is highly readable and memorable.

I was especially interested in your new certificate program in women's studies. I hope that U of L will adopt an undergraduate major and a master's degree in this subject. I discovered the women's studies program in 1992 when I began offering my collection of writings and letters to the U of L archives... I know that many women graduates are writers, journalists, and authors who may not have considered such donations of their work.

Women are still waiting for an increase in their opportunities to become leaders, such as the article "Personal Choice or Public Role? The Dearth of Women in Kentucky Politics," in the (Spring 1998) issue of U of L pointed out.

Thank you for offering older graduates the chance to speak out. I feel that older women are not being recognized for their garnered wisdom from the accumulated self-education long after graduation.

Edith G. Oldham '46A
Louisville, Kentucky