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Upward Bound


The Youth Toward Excellence Program (Y.T.E.P.)
The Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor's Minority College Student Preparation Program (G.M.S.C.P.P.)

NOTE: Current student participants and their parents may skip to the bottom of the page by clicking this link to reach important information and downloads.


What Is The Youth Toward Excellence Program (Y.T.E.P.) ?


The Youth Toward Excellence Program (Y.T.E.P.) is a state funded venture of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor's Minority College Student Preparation Program (G.M.S.C.P.P.). Y.T.E.P. is designed to assist and motivate low-income and / or first-generation college-going youth to excel academically in middle school and as freshmen in high school. The Program takes place throughout the calendar year and enhances it's student participants' growth, both academically and personally, by nurturing them in the fundamental areas of math, reading, science, and study skills. Adequately preparing students in these areas, through early and reasonable intervention, the Program will aide in the transition from middle school to high school with post-secondary education as the ultimate goal.

When Does The Program Operate ?


There are two (2) components of the program that take place during the calendar year. During the Academic Year Component which coincides with that of Jefferson County Public Schools (J.C.P.S.), students attend weekly tutoring sessions, career awareness seminars, cultural and social activities, and bi-monthly groups sessions. During the Summer Residential Component, students have the opportunity to live in a dormitory on the University of Louisville Belknap Campus for one (1) week; travel to college campuses in the region; attend academic and cultural expansion classes; and participate in a recreational / physical education program.

How Can I Apply For My Child To Participate In The Program?


Students enrolled in a J.C.P.S. middle school who are interested in the Youth Toward Excellence Program are invited to apply by printing an application from our web site. Adobe Reader is required to view and print the forms. If you click on the link and get an error message, then, download Adobe Reader and try again. Adobe Reader may be downloaded for FREE by clicking on the Adobe logo button below.


Be sure to download the student participant application. After you have completed the student participant application in it's entirety, then, mail it back to our office at: University of Louisville, 205 Stickler Hall (West), Louisville, KY  40292.

Print a Student Participant Application (PDF)


What's New (For Current Student Participants And Their Parents)


Download the Youth Toward Excellence Program Calendar in PDF format.

(Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access PDF files.) Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader
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