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HSC Garage Sustainability Initiatives

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Building Features and Provisions to Protect and Enhance the Environment

  • As a multi-story parking garage, it is efficient use of the site as opposed creating a series of sprawling surface lots for the surrounding buildings that it serves.
  • This project was developed on an existing surface parking lot.  No additional storm water runoff was generated by the design of this building.
  • As an open air garage, it uses natural ventilation versus mechanical means of providing good environmental quality air.
    The building’s lighting system is designed to reduce light trespassing past the perimeter of it enclosure.
  • The parking garage is located near bus stops that provide public transportation access.
  • Prior to construction, an erosion control plan was implemented to prevent the loss of soil during the construction period.
  • The new garage was developed within the downtown urban infrastructure, so this site protects the use of Greenfield sites.
  • The existing asphaltic paving on the property was removed and recycled (Louisville Paving).
  • The existing dirt removed for foundations was not sent to a landfill, but relocated as fill dirt to another project (RAM Construction).
  • During the construction phase, construction waste was collected, sorted, and recycled.
  • Building’s lighting system has energy efficiency options to reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the facility.
  • Materials with recycled content were used in the construction process.
  • The landscape materials for the building will be irrigated with a "drip" type irrigation system that is fed from recaptured water from the adjacent research building.


*Please note:  LEED does not review or certify parking structures.

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