Excursion Courses

-Students visiting Pompei, Italy    

The Department of Urban and Public Affairs offers Excursion Courses that feature the study of policy and planning practices in  international or other domestic U.S. cities, culminating in a guided travel excursion to those areas.   These courses are typically offered in either the spring or summer semesters.   They include, depending on the course structure and the professor, a short series of classes and readings leading up to the travel excursion where the majority of the classes and coursework will occur.  The travel portion of the course often includes but is not limited to: tours of cities and neighborhoods, meetings with local officials, professors, and students, presentations at universities, etc.                              


 -Students on a bike tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Destinations that past excursion courses have focused on:

•New Orleans
-Students waiting for a train in Germany                            



-Students in Paris, France