MPA Internship Mentor Evaluation

Department of Urban and Public Affairs
University of Louisville

Rating scale:

1: Poor
2: Below Average
3: Average
4: Good
5: Superior

 1. Poor2. Below Average3. Average4. Good5. SuperiorN/A
1. Understood organization's mission and goals:
2. Grasped theoretical context of assigned task or function:
3. Applied theoretical knowledge to the task appropriately:
4. Knew how to secure relevant materials for the task:
5. Made good choices in selecting and using relevant materials:
 1: Poor2: Below Average3: Average4: Good5: SuperiorN/A
6. Could plan a course of action to address task or function:
7. Used appropriate analytical methods for task or function:
8. Could obtain pertinent data when needed:
9. Demonstrated competence in statistical analysis:
10. Interpreted research of others appropriately:
 1: Poor2: Below Average3: Average4: Good5: SuperiorN/A
11. Understood and respected policies and procedures:
12. Planned, organized and used time effectively:
13. Work products met expectations:
14. Was able to communicate effectively with staff at all levels:
15. Met assigned deadlines:
16. Was willing to assume leadership or take on additional responsibilities:

Thank you for your participation in our internship program!  Please email Yani Vozos at with any questions or concerns.