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UofL team places in top five in Louisville Commuter Challenge

by UofL Today last modified May 21, 2010 01:46 PM

President James Ramsey and a group of University of Louisville employees left Amelia Place by bicycle early May 21, celebrating National Bike to Work Day and the end of the Louisville Commuter Challenge.

UofL team places in top five in Louisville Commuter Challenge

Riders head out from Amelia Place.

Ramsey and a group that included Justin Mog, assistant to the provost for sustainability; Michael Mardis, dean of students; and Sam Connally, vice president for human resources met at the president's Highlands home to make the commute to work by bike. Most of the group left Amelia Place and headed to the Belknap Campus for their regular work day. Ramsey headed to the Health Sciences Center for a meeting at the CTR Building.

"It took us about 30 minutes," Mog said of the trip to the Belknap Campus. "We just took it easy."

Across the city, hundreds of people were expected to make the trek from home to work for National Bike to Work Day.

For many, the day marked the final day of the first Louisville Commuter Challenge.

Three teams representing the UofL participated in the Louisville Commuter Challenge, a city-wide competition that urged residents to bicycle for work and errands. Teams received one point for each ride to work or errand they made by bicycle.

The UofL Sustainability Council Crankers finished fifth in the three-week competition, which fielded 21 teams. The team made 204 bicycle trips and covered 462 miles.

The Speed School Jeep Dodgers finished 10th with 68 bicycle trips, and the University Hospital Musculateers finished 18th, with 14 bike trips in May.

"The whole point of the challenge was to get people to try it," Mog said of commuting by bicycle. "We've shown that not only can you do it, but it's fun, healthy, economical and the most environmentally responsible way to get to campus."

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