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Test of UofL Alert system, tornado safety video

by UofL Today last modified Mar 06, 2012 11:36 AM

UofL activated its UofL Alert system at 10:07 a.m. today as a partial tornado drill.

Kentucky’s statewide drill, set for the same time, was canceled, but the university wanted to test its outdoor sirens and weather alert radios, as well as procedures for issuing text alerts, phone and Web messages.

Tornado safety info

For information on how to stay as safe as possible during a tornado, watch “Game Plan for Severe Weather,” a short video from the university’s emergency response team. The team urges everyone to watch it at some time today, individually or as groups in classrooms and offices.

Remember, if you receive a UofL Alert of a weather emergency, monitor local media and weather radios for updates.

About UofL Alert

UofL Alert is activated during times of imminent danger from weather situations or manmade incidents and when the university will have an unscheduled closing and time is critical in the communication of that information.

If the emergency is ongoing, remember to monitor the UofL Today website and UofL homepage for updated information. You also may receive follow-up emails that could come from the UofL Today service account or from the Cmoffice service account.

If you have questions about the UofL Alert system, email Dennis Sullivan.

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