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Campus Health identifies pertussis case on Belknap

by UofL Today last modified Feb 22, 2010 09:31 AM

Campus Health Services issued the following statement on Feb. 19.

A UofL student has been diagnosed with a bacterial respiratory illness called pertussis.  This illness, also known as whooping cough, is spread through coughing and is contagious to those who have been in close contact (usually within 3 feet) for a prolonged period.

This note is being sent campus-wide for information only. Students, faculty and staff who are considered at higher risk because they share a class with or live in the same residence hall as this student have been notified through a separate message.

Pertussis is present in the community so it is not unusual that this illness occurred. We want you to be aware of the signs of pertussis so you can contact Campus Health Services if you begin to experience similar symptoms.

  • Dry hacking cough that has persisted for more than five days
  • Low-grade fever may be present
  • Coughing may be so severe that the person coughs until he or she vomits

If you are experiencing these symptoms, please do the following:

  • Call Campus Health Services at 852-6479
  • Do not attend class, and limit contact with others, especially very young children, until you have contacted Campus Health Services.  Then follow their instructions.
  • Always cover your cough so you minimize the spread of respiratory particles

In the event more information becomes available, or if the university determines additional action is necessary, students will be notified by email and on this site. See the Pertussis FAQ document for more information.


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