Mentor Program

The Student Support Services Mentor Program was created to serve as a resource for first year and transfer students, but more specifically first-generation college students, students with an expressed financial need and/or students with documented disabilities. The mentor program is of benefit for both the mentor and mentee.


As a mentor, you will be provided with staff support from the Student Support Services office which will aid in the development of your growth personally and professionally. During your time with the program, the staff will be intentional about helping you manage your relationship with your mentees, finding balance in your personal, academic and social life while also allowing for mentor roundtables whereby you and your fellow mentors have an opportunity to meet and discuss your experiences to date.


As a mentee, you can rest assured that you will be assigned a mentor who is here to assist in your progression and integration to the University of Louisville family, both academically and socially. Your mentor is committed to providing the appropriate guidance and leadership that encourages your journey through to graduation.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email the Student Support Services Office.

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