The ISSTBE PhD Program is a doctoral track within the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. Its faculty is comprised of faculty from the Speed School of Engineering, School of Medicine, College of Business, and School of Dentistry. The following departments and programs within the participating units include:

Speed School of Engineering: Departments of Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

School of Medicine: Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Physiology & Biophysics, Neurological Surgery

College of Business:Entrepreneurship MBA

School of Dentistry: Oral Biology, Oral Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Molecular, Cell and Craniofacial Biology


NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Bertocci, GinaProf.; Endowed Chair of BiomechanicsHealth Science Research Tower 204(502) 852-0296Email Gina Bertocci
Bertocci, Karen FrostAssoc. Prof.Health Science Campus, 110 Instructional Building B(502) 852-0279Email Karen Frost Bertocci
El-Baz, AymanProf., Interim Dept. ChairLutz Hall, Room 444(502) 852-5092Email Ayman El-Baz
Frieboes, Hermann B.
Asst. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 416(502) 852-3302Email Hermann Frieboes
Giridharan, GuruprasadAssoc. ProfLutz Hall, Room 404(502) 852-2589Email Guruprasad Giridharan
Keynton, Robert S.Prof., Lutz Endowed Chair of Biomechanical DevicesShumaker Research Building, Room 357(502) 852-4436Email Robert Keynton
Koenig, SteveProf., Endowed Chair of Cardiac Implant ScienceCII, Room 408 and Lutz Hall, Room 431(502) 852-7320Email Steve Koenig
O'Toole, MartinAsst. ProfLutz Hall, Room 411(502) 852-4044Email Martin O'Toole
Roussel, TommyAsst. ProfLutz Hall, Room 411(502) 852-3971Email Tommy Roussel
Soucy, KevinAsst. Prof.CII, Room 409, Lutz Hall, Room 419G(502) 852-1891Email Kevin Soucy
Soucy, PatriciaAsst. Prof.Shumaker Research Building, Room 356(502) 852-1705Email Patricia Soucy
Steinbach-Rankins, JillAsst. Prof.Clinical & Translational Research, Rm. 623502-852-5486Email Jill Steinbach-Rankins
Voor, MichaelAssoc. Prof.Neurological Surgery(502) 852-7067Email Michael Voor

Bioengineering/Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Koenig, SteveProf., Endowed Chair of Cardiac Implant ScienceCII, Room 408 and Lutz Hall, Room 431(502) 852-7320Email Steve Koenig
Soucy, KevinAsst. Prof.CII, Room 409, Lutz Hall, Room 419G(502) 852-1891Email Kevin Soucy


Clouse, VanAssoc. Prof.; Endowed Chair, Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship(502) 852-4782Email Van Clouse

Dental - Oral Immunology & Infectious Disease

Darling, DougProf.; Director, Oral Biology Graduate Program(502) 852-5508Email Doug Darling
Demuth, DonaldProf.; Assoc. Dean for Research, Oral Microbiology(502) 852-1891Email Donald Demuth

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Klinge, CarolynProf.Baxter II Building, Room 221E(502) 852-3668Email Carolyn Klinge
Wang, EugeniaProf.; Gheens Endowed Chair on AgingDelia Baxter Building, Room 102(502) 852-2554Email Eugenia Wang

Cardiovascular Innovation Inst. & Pediatrics

Keller, BradProf.; Vice Chair for Research, Dept. of Pediatrics(502) 852-5809Email Brad Keller

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

Pantalos, GeorgeProf.(502) 852-4345Email George Pantalos
Slaughter, MarkProf.(502) 852-2187Email Mark Slaughter
Wu, ZhongjunProf.(502) 852-1351Email Zhongjun Wu

Chemical Engineering

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Berson, R. EricAssoc. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 426(502) 852-1567Email Eric Berson
Fried, JoelProf., Dept. ChairErnst Hall, Room 111(502) 852-6350Email Joel Fried
Fu, XiaoanAssoc. Prof.Ernst Hall, Room 309(502) 852-6349Email Xiaoan Fu
Kang, Kyung A.Prof.Ernst Hall, Room 312(502) 852-2094Email Kyung Kang

Electrical and Computer Engineering

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Amini, Amir A.Endowed Chair,
Lutz Hall, Room 409(502) 852-4767Email Amir Amini
Cohn, Robert W.Prof.John Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 245(502) 852-7077Email Robert Cohn
Harnett, Cindy K.Assoc. Prof.John Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 248(502) 852-0689Email Cindy Harnett
Naber, John F.Prof.John Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 238(502) 852-7910Email John Naber
Walsh, Kevin M.Endowed Prof., Assoc. Dean for ResearchJohn Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 234(502) 852-0826Email Kevin Walsh

Mechanical Engineering

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Sharp, M. KeithProf.John Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 358(502) 852-7280Email Keith Sharp
Williams, StuartAsst Prof.Sackett Hall, Room 202A(502) 852-6340Email Stuart Williams

Medicine and Pharmacology

Buning, Mary EllenAsst. Prof.; Director, Assistive Technology Research Center(502) 407-3272Email Mary Ellen Buning
Behrman, AndreaProf.; Exec. Director, UL Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery(502) 582-7451Email Andrea Behrman
Harkema, SusanProf.; Assoc. Scientific Director, UL Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center(502) 582-8060Email Susan Harkima
Howland, DenaAssoc. Prof.(502) 582-5255Email Dena Howland
Magnuson, DavidEndowed Prof., Neurological Surgery, Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology, and Biomedical Engineering(502) 582-6551Email David Magnuson
Ovechkin, AlexAssoc. Prof.(502) 581-8675Email Alex Ovechkin
Whittemore, ScottProf.; Vice Chairman for Research, Dept. of Neurological Surgery, Anatomical Sciences, and Neurobiology(502) 582-8060Email Scott Whittemore

Physiology & Biophysics

Irving, JoshuaProf.; Chair, PhysiologyEmail Joshua Irving
James KangProf.(502) 852-8677Email James Kang