BS in Theatre Arts


The Theatre Arts program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). Read more about College of Arts & Sciences accreditation.

All Theatre Arts Undergraduate Majors are required to fulfill course requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences, General Education and Programmatic/Supporting Courses.

Theatre Arts Requirements are split into four core areas: Academics, Performance, Production, and African American Theatre. TA Majors also have opportunities for electives and a Culminating Undergraduate Experience in their final year.

Each TA Major has a faculty advisor to keep them on track with requirements for graduation, and must check-in with their adviser each semester in order to register for subsequent semester.

General Education Requirements (34 hours total)

Arts & Humanities (6 hrs)

Mathematics (3 hrs)

Natural Sciences (7 hrs)

Oral Communications (3 hrs)

Social & Behavioral Sciences (9 hrs)

Written Communication (6 hrs)


Programmatic Requirements/Supporting Courses (27 hours total)


GEN 101, A&S Orientation (1 hr)

Foreign Language (6-8 hrs)

Electives in Division of Humanities, other than Theatre Arts, at 300+ level (9  hrs)

Electives in Social/Behavioral or Natural Sciences, at 300+ level (6 hrs)

Humanities 591-596 (choose just one) (3 hrs)

Theatre Arts Requirement (60 hours total)


Academic Core (12 hours)                                                                                              student group in class room

TA 360, TH&L I Classical-Medieval Theatre History

TA 361, TH&L II Renaissance-Romantic Theatre History 

TA 362, TH&L III: Modern and Contemporary Theatre History

TA 371 Script Analysis


Performance Core (9 hours)

TA 320, Acting I                                                                                                   

TA 321, Acting II or TA 533, Stage Management

One of the following:

TA 322, Acting the Black Experience

TA 323, Directing the Black Experience

TA 330, Directing

TA 420, Acting III

TA 421, Acting IV


Production Core (9 hours)

TA 240, Stagecraft I

usitt, I am we are, students with signs

TA 241 Stagecraft II

One of the following:

TA 340, Scene Design                                                                

TA 345, Costume Design

TA 349, Lighting Design


African American Theatre Core (9 hours)

TA 326, Cultural Diversity in Performance

TA 366, History of African American Theatre

One of the following:

TA 322, Acting the Black Experience

TA 323, Directing the Black Experience

TA 363, African American Women in Theatre


Performance/Production Projects (3 hours)

TA 350, Theatre Performance & Production

All theatre majors work on six productions/practicums for course credit. Each practicum is 0.5 hours, with the exception of stage management, which accounts for 1.0 hour. Students will experience a variety of theatre skills in addressing this requirement. No more than 1.0 credit hour in any single aspect of theatre, with the exception of stage managing (e.g., acting, scenery, costumes, box office, etc.) may be applied toward this requirement.


Theatre Electives + Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) (18 hours)

A variety of theatre electives and courses that can be counted toward elective credit are available each semester. Students will also begin to complete a Culminating Undergraduate Experience once they have earned 90 credit hours.


Total credit hours to complete BS in Theatre Arts: 121