African American Theatre Program Black Performance Studies Minor

Black Performance Studies Minor

PAS 210: Introduction to Pan-African Literature3
TA 326/PAS 355: Cultural Diversity in Performance3
PAS 319 African American History or PAS 329: Slave Trade and Slavery or PAS 394 Formation of Modern Africa3
Choose three (3) electives from the listing of courses below:
TA 322/PAS 353: Acting The Black Experience
TA 357: Introduction to Hip-Hop Theatre
TA 366/PAS 356: History of African American Theater
TA 367: Black Dramatic Literature
TA 423: Directing the Black Experience
TA 455 or PAS 390: Independent Study (departmental approval required)
PAS/MUH 214: Historical Survey of African American Music
PAS/MUH 218: Historical Survey of American Jazz
PAS 342: Black Women Novelists
TA 363/PAS 350: African American Women in Theater
PAS 381/ARTH 341: Survey of African Art
PAS 385:Women in Africa: Historical and Literary Perspective
Minimum Total21