CIS250 (formerly CIS100) Test Out

**Effective 8/1/2019 - This exam will be terminated.  The CIS250 course will no longer be offered at U of L after the Fall 2019 semester.**


The CIS250 Test Out (formerly CIS100) option has been created to afford UofL students the opportunity to challenge the requirements and expected outcomes for CIS250 in order to receive full credit without having to complete the course (or pay in full for it). The test is closed book, closed notes, and no Internet resources are allowed; however, you may use Microsoft Excel. One-half of the test is Microsoft Excel, while the other half includes a variety of information technology topics (hardware, software, databases, communications, security, etc.). A minimum score of 75% is required in order to receive credit for CIS250.

You may contact Professor Stephen Kendra to receive study materials to help you prepare for this test.

The fee for the CIS250 Test Out is $60 and payable at the time of testing.  ALL Test Fees are NON REFUNDABLE!  You may NOT take the CIS250 Test Out Option if you are currently enrolled in or have previously taken the CIS250 or CIS100 course at UofL. Students who earn between 70% and 75% are eligible to retake the exam once for an additional fee of $50.  The re-test and registration information will be sent with your score report.

ADA Accommodations:  

If you have received ADA accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe from U of L's  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

Click here to schedule your appointment.  You will select your Group: CIS250 Test Out Exam and be required to select a date and time and pay the fee by credit card on this site.

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Exam Day

You must present a valid photo ID at the time of the examination.
We do not allow personal belonging (purses, backpacks, cellphone, keys, watches, etc) inside the testing room.
If you bring any prohibited items, you will be required to leave them in our storage cabinet.