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Healthy Eating

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Supplementary Materials for Eco-Reps Training - Healthy Eating

Training #4 - Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating - Supplementary Reading

Natural Foods:

Processed Foods:

Meat Production and Consumption: 

  • How Meat is Produced - (GRAPHIC, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney)
  • Eating Green Calculator - Get a handle on the impact of your eating habits and the benefits of eating differently! From the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
Farmers' Markets - A UofL EcoReps Perspective

Additional Information: 

  • Louisville Independent Business Alliance
  • Louisville Farmers Market Directory - Dozens of seasonal and year-round farmers' markets take place all around town just about any day of the week.
  • EarthSave Louisville
    Educating people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and all life on Earth. Encouraging an ever-transitioning shift toward a healthy, plant-based diet. Follow on Facebook
  • Louisville Vegetarian Club
    A social group of Louisville area vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores interested in a vegan diet, seeking to promote a peaceful, sustainable vegan lifestyle, with a focus on animal rights, human health, and the environment. Follow on Facebook
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