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by Mog, Justin last modified Jul 08, 2016 04:49 PM

There are many ways for UofL students, faculty, staff, and friends to contribute to our sustainability efforts - from individual action to research to group activities.

Individual Actions

Pledging to Go Green
  • Become an Eco-Rep! This new program through the Sustainability Council offers in-depth campus sustainability training for all students, faculty, and staff willing to become a point-person for peer-to-peer mentoring about sustainability in their building, unit, department, club, or residence hall. Eco-Reps also participate in on-going service opportunities. Basic and advanced certifications available. Full details here, or Follow on Facebook. Contact Eco-Reps Director, Brian Barnes <brian.barnes (at)>.
  • Volunteer! The Sustainability Council can put your skills and interests to work! Meeting schedules for the Sustainability Council and its Committees are available here. Your contributions are always welcome! For questions contact Justin Mog 502-852-8575, justin.mog (at) Other volunteer opportunities include:
        1. Many sustainability-focused service opportunities exist through UofL's Eco-Reps program.
        2. Get your hands dirty with UofL's Composting Project! Follow on Facebook
        3. SOUL- Student Outreach Uniting Louisville offers a variety of service projects throughout the academic year!
    Get involved in one of the many Local Organizations promoting sustainability in our community! The Office of Community Engagement lists service opportunities with all types of organizations here.
  • See our Green Tips page for a list of ideas about what you can do to lead a more sustainable life and help improve our community.
  • Participate in some of the many UofL Sustainability Events throughout the year!
  • Donate to the Green Fund for UofL! Your contributions directly support our sustainability initiatives! Select "Green Fund for UofL" under Designations here.
  • Take the Cards Go Green! Pledge to increase your personal sustainability!
  • Graduating? Take the Sustainability Graduation Pledge to make social and environmental responsibility part of your life after UofL!

SOUL Dumpster DiveCampus Sustainability Groups

Student Groups

UofL Students at GreenBuild 2010 - Chicago!

Faculty Involvement

  • Courses: Consider weaving sustainability themes into the classes you teach or offering new courses focused on sustainability. Our Green Threads program can help you get started.
  • Research: Because sustainability concerns are interdisciplinary and universal, there's no end to the possibilities for you and your students. Whether your focus is off-campus or helping make UofL a living laboratory of sustainability, our Research page will give you some resources and ideas to get started.
  • Lead By Example: Faculty are mentors to the next generation. Students learn not only from your lectures and assignments but by observing your actions. "Walk the talk" by following these Green Tips for more sustainable behaviors!


All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to get involved in UofL's Sustainability Council!
Meeting times for the Council and its Committees are available here:
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