Surplus Donation Requirements

Pursuant to KRS45A.425:

Equipment no longer needed by the University may be transferred only to another state or governmental agency or non-profit organization.  Equipment cannot be given to religious groups.

The receiving agency sends a memo on official letterhead requesting the surplus equipment, listing a contact person's name and phone number, to the Department of Purchasing, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.  A donating department may also write a memo explaining the circumstances as a supporting and agreeable document, identifying the item, serial number, UL identification barcode number, and location.

The memo is forwarded to Inventory Control/Surplus Property to complete a Declaration form, which is signed by the Material Inventory Operations Manager, the Director of Purchasing, and the Associate Vice President for Business Affairs.  The original is returned to Inventory Control/Surplus Property in case of audit.  Inventory Control/Surplus Property will contact the agency to pick up equipment and sign the Declaration as received.