Travel Insurance

All persons traveling abroad on international trips are required to purchase CISI insurance. Please note that this applies to trips through any UofL affiliation; CISI will not cover personal time.

Travelers must be covered for outgoing / return flights and the duration of their university affiliated time abroad.

Policy details 

CISI insurance

Registration Information 

Note: Students studying abroad with AIFS, KIIS or USAC have comparable CISI coverage included in their program fee and thus do not need to purchase UofL's plan. All other CISI purchases must go through the International Center. The above policy and affiliated policy number are UofL-specific and plans purchased elsewhere will not meet minimum coverage requirements. 

CISI insurance is available for purchase at the International Center, Brodschi Hall in person or by phone (502-852-0374), Monday-Friday 9-4. In either case, you will be asked to provide basic information for registration. Please see below for payment options.

Once insurance payment has been made, our office will enroll the traveler in CISI insurance. The traveler will then receive an email from CISI with further instructions.

If you do not receive notification within 48 hours check your spam folder for a CISI email. If you do not find the email in your spam folder, contact .

 CISI Cost 

$16.95 per week

You may call us or use this date duration calculator to calculate your total. 

Payment Options

Payment options will vary based on your role in the University and your trip purpose. Please read each option carefully.

1. Personal Funds : Payment accepted only through Cardinal Cash.

Please see the Cardinal Cash Page for information on how to add funds to your Cardinal Card. While this payment method is most common for students, faculty and staff may also pay via Cardinal Cash (their Employee ID card).

Once funds have been added, CISI may be purchased in the International Center in person or by phone.

2. Department Funds: For employees, payment may be made through this on-line form where department funds are available. This on-base form replaces an IUT/JV for faculty/staff trips; if you are not eligible to pay by IUT/JV, please follow above instructions to pay via Cardinal Cash.

3. Faculty-Led Group Trips: Faculty-led group trips and other large groups may submit one payment for the group where department funds are available or when the cost of insurance is included in the trip cost. This payment will be processed as a JV. Large groups of faculty/staff may also submit payment using this method, but only in cases where the speedtype is the same for all travelers.

 To process insurance payment for a group that meets the above requirements, please email a completed copy of this spreadsheet and the speedtype to