KIIS Faculty Event Planning    Want to host a KIIS event on campus?


Before you begin to plan your event take a look at the KIIS reimbursement policy:

Step 1:  Check with Dr. Virginia Hosono, KIIS campus rep, to check on funding

Step 2:  Contact returning KIIS participants to be part of the discussion/event

Step 3:  Pick a date and time (lunch time on MW usually are good for events), and then find a room:

Step 4:  Create fliers highlighting the event, advertise through UofL Today (bottom of the page), or student news:

Step 5:  Post fliers in Humanities, Davidson, BAB, and SAC, send electronically to department contacts to share with students

Step 6: Share the fliers, both printed and electronically, with the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel so we can share the information with others

Step 7:  Create an event on social media or have your students post and share

Step 8: Grab the attention of students by offering food! Donuts and coffee or pizza are all enticing options, or have a food themes to the country or city the students would be visiting!

Step 9:  Hold the event

Step 10:  Follow the KIIS reimbursement policy to be reimbursed for monies spent