Study Abroad Myths

Debunking Study Abroad Myths


  • You can generally use Financial Aid towards your program!
  • You can apply for additional scholarships!
  • There are a variety of options for a varietyof budgets!

Myth #2: TIMING

  • The classes you take abroad count toward  your degree so you can still graduate on time;
  • We have short term options: summer or possibly winter or spring break!


  • Most programs are offered in English,even in countries like Germany,France, Thailand, Chile, and more!
  • If you are a foreign language major or minor, it’s the best way to build fluency!

Myth #4: FEAR

  • Programs are safe & carefully monitored;
  • You can go abroad with other UofL students or faculty;
  • Students may not travel to countries on the US State Department Travel Warning list.

Consider these myths debunked!