Reasons to Study Abroad

According to the NAFSA Open Doors 2013 report, only 9% of US undergraduates studied abroad.
Less than 3% of UofL students study abroad.
Consequently, studying abroad makes you UNIQUE!


As an important investment in your education while studying at the University of Louisville, here are some reasons why you should consider studying abroad:

  • Develop career skills
  • Increase employment prospects
  • Form friendships from across the world
  • Learn a new language or enhance language skills
  • Gain cross-cultural skills
  • GROW

*Click here for a list of transferable skills you may also potentially obtain from your study abroad experience.
(From University Studies Abroad Consortium).

"International experiences through UofL have enabled me to experience the world outside of a textbook; encounter people and ideas I never would have been exposed to; challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone."
~Meghan Waters, McConnell Scholar, China 2013

Reasons Not To Study Abroad