Dates and Deadlines

Study Abroad Paperwork and Orientation Deadlines:


Term Studying AbroadUofL Paperwork DeadlinePre-Departure Orientation
SummerApril 10thReading day, April
FallApril 10thReading day, April
SpringNovember 21stReading day, December


In additional to UofL deadlines, please be aware that it is your responsibility to know your program provider’s specific dates and deadlines.

The Pre-Departure Orientation is mandatory. Failure to attend may delay the release of funds since attendance at an orientation is required prior to registration.

You must turn in and complete the following before you can be registered for the study abroad placeholder course:

  1. Folder paperwork
  2. Clear copy of your passport. An example of an acceptable passport copy can be found here
  3. Copy of flight itinerary
  4. Attendance at the Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation
  5. Purchase CISI Travel Insurance from the Office of Study Abroad [$16.95/week or $67.80/month]
*Any student applying after the deadline may require an additional 30 to 40 days to complete processing, once your paperwork is received.  This information is not provided to deter you from applying, it is just to inform you of processing time.