Who Does What

The following is a guide to make study abroad happen.

Let us help you start YOUR JOURNEY.

The Office of Study Abroad & International Travel's responsibilities include:

  • Give general information about studying abroad and the various options you have and to teach you how to research programs.
  • Explain university policies and procedures concerning study abroad and international travel.
  • Help you create a budget.
  • Suggest places to look for scholarships.
  • Help you understand how to get your courses pre-approved so they transfer (and so you do not lose time towards graduation).
  • Sell iNEXT Travel insurance.
  • Provide general guidance on applying for passports and/or visas.
  • Advise you on Travel Warning countries.
  • Give you information about UofL's Campus Health Services (where you get vaccinations, if necessary).
  • Be accessible while you are abroad, whether it’s communicating through Skype (UofL.edabroad), email (edabroad@louisville.edu) or phone (001+1+502-852-0374 during business hours, 001+1+502-852-6111 anytime and during an emergency ).
  • Hold pre-departure orientations.
  • Maintain contact with your study abroad provider and coordinate with them should a problem arise while you are abroad.
  • Take care of your transcripts once they arrive to help you get your coursework transferred back and onto your UofL transcripts.
  • Help you obtain credit when the classes you had pre-approved are not the same as the ones you took abroad.
  • Provide you with opportunities to talk to Peer Advisors and past participants so you can potentially learn more about your program.
  • Hold re-entry workshops.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with a study abroad adviser and researching and choosing your program.
  • Meeting with your academic and departmental advisers to choose courses and to get them approved.
  • Filling out and submitting the provider'’s application, as well as any other requirements that the provider may have.
  • Familiarizing yourself with your financial aid package, your program payment methods, and program deadlines.
  • Completing and turning in UofL paperwork by the designated deadline.
  • Completing and submitting scholarship applications.
  • Meeting with Financial Aid.
  • Returning completed red folder with UofL paperwork to the Office of Study Abroad & International Travel by the designated deadline.
  • Knowing your deadlines, including but not limited to deadlines for passport or visa applications, your third party provider's deadlines, UofL deadlines, etc.
  • Attending a mandatory orientation prior to your departure.
  • Contacting us should anything change in your course work abroad or should problems arise while abroad.