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The Study Abroad Student of the Month program is designed to showcase our study abroad students and inspire other students to consider studying abroad.

August 2014 Study Abroad Student of the Month

Name: Richie Stephans

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Host Country: Japan

Reasons why Richie studied abroad:"Experience different cultures and businesses. Looking forward, this trip will make me more marketable to various companies and help with international business experiences.”

Advice Richie would give to students interested in studying abroad: “Just do it! Your schedule can work with it, regardless of major. This is the most profitable, cheapest and easiest time to go, so go now!”

("Seibu Dome, Tokorozawa City, Saitama – Japan. We sat in the 5th row behind 1st base at the Saitama Lions – Chiba Marines game. Though the lions lost, we were still able to catch a great game and learned a few cheers from the different fans. Ganbatte!")

To see more of Richie's photos, visit our UofL Study Abroad Flickr!

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