Accomplishments 2012 - 2013

Career Development Center

  • Career Development Center completed the first full year of the new Card Career Navigator program serving 2,700 freshmen during orientation and 685 through individual counseling sessions.
  • Conducted 467 individual career assessments and 1,797 individual career coaching sessions.
  • 3,030 new student accounts were created in Cards Career Link which was a 38% increase over last year.  1,082 employers posted 1,095 jobs.
  • Expanded Interview Stream, the on line mock interview program, to Engineering, Speech Pathology, Nursing, Communications, Sports Administration, and Music.

Counseling Center

  • Counseling Center supervised 13 practicum students and graduate assistants throughout the year from School of Education, Kent School of Social Work and Spalding University. These students gained experience in counseling, assessment, and outreach activities. Staff logged 710 hours of supervision with practicum students and graduate assistants.
  • Counseling Center staff completed 28 Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessments generating additional revenue that allowed us to upgrade and expand the camera system used to supervise practicum students.
  • Counseling Center staff scheduled 7,435 individual counseling sessions representing a 5% increase over last year. These numbers included 976 new intakes and 139 same day emergency sessions.
  • Counseling Center staff completed the move to an electronic records system using Titanium - a computerized paperless record keeping and scheduling software package.
  • Sponsored a one day regional workshop on Emotion- Focused Therapy that was well attended.

Disability Resource Center

  • Disability Resource Center staff serve more than 500 students each year.
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC) continues to see an increase in the number of tests it administers each year for university faculty, more than 2,800 tests were administered this year which is a 30% increase over the previous year.
  • DRC collaborated with Student Government Association to coordinate iCOUNT, a disability awareness activity, which launched an on-line training module designed to increase knowledge of disability issues and gain additional campus allies.
  • Purchased and began installation of Clockwork, a new online scheduling and database management software system designed specifically for disability resources centers on college campuses. The software will allow staff to improve service to students and develop an more robust assessment of services provided.
  • DRC staff collaborated with State Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, the State ADA Task Force, and the Kentucky Association in Higher Education and Disability to plan and deliver a very successful Disability Symposium.

Dean of Students Office

  • Club Programming Committee (CPC) continues to provide funding for student organizations in an attempt to increase the number of activities on campus. Last year the CPC funded 141 events totaling $90,400. SGA is the primary sponsor of CPC. The following departments also provide support: Dean of Students Office, Provost, Undergraduate Affairs, Housing, and VP for Research.
  • Hired Student Case Manager to coordinate and professionalize student care services.
  • The Student Care Team (SCT), under the direction of the Dean of Students, meets regularly to share information on students in crisis. This year the Team discussed more than 233 student issues.
  • Developed and implemented new crisis response and hospital protocols designed to improve the safety and well-being of our students.
  • Collaborated with Registrar’s Office and Information Technology to implement requirement that students update their emergency contact information as part of the registration process.
  • Formed an advisory group that meets regularly to discuss areas of mutual interest between Student Affairs, Athletics, and Student Government.
  • The Dean of Students Office continues to sponsor and support high profile programs designed to celebrate student success. Programs include Parent of the Year, Student Awards, Senior Day at the Downs, and Family Weekend.

Housing and Residence Life

  • The Housing and Residence Life program houses 5,157 students on campus which represents 29% of the student population.
  • 67% of all freshmen lived on campus during the 2012-13 school year.
  • Worked with Admissions and Communication and Marketing staff to successfully implement the new university first year live on initiative. The new program was designed to increase the number of first year students living on campus which will improve the vibrancy of the campus and impact student success and retention.
  • Successfully worked through the temporary closing of residence halls and various campus rooms to alleviate mold issues.
  • Added a new living learning themed community related to social justice and inclusion.
  • Housing and Residence Life staff were successful in securing an educational grant through SEAHO, third year in a row,  to support the programmatic initiatives tied to raising awareness through dialogue on issues affecting living on campus. The grant helped develop Urban Living 101, a program for first year students to educate and empower them about on campus living.
  • Began using a new online staff selection service which allowed the department to develop a paperless recruitment and review process for more than 350 applicants annually for the various student positions available within the Housing and Residence Life program

Intramural and Recreational Sports

  • Participation at all levels of the Intramural program continues to increase. More than 9,000 people participated in 41 different intramural sports programs.
  • Gym usage figures remained high with 395,888 users this year.
  • The SAC game room continues to be a popular spot for student to spend time between classes. More than 39,000 people visited the facility this year.
  • Began construction of new 37.5 million dollar Student Recreation Center scheduled to open in Fall of 2013.
  • Piloted a new on line intramural sign up system with Greek organizations with plans to offer campus wide next fall.


Student Involvement

  • Attendance at Student Activities Board events continues to remain high with more than 31,000 students attended sponsored activities.
  • The Student Activities Center continues to serve the campus community handling 9,099 reservations - a 14% increase of the previous year.
  • Greek Life continues to be an attractive leadership opportunity. There are 1,772 students involved in 30 Greek organizations.
  • Students can now choose to participate in one of 345 campus clubs and organizations.
  • Students associated with the Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Service programs generated more than 18,480 total service hours during 2012-13.
  • Student Outreach Uniting Louisville (SOUL) is a program designed to provide opportunities for students to sign up for community service activities. The number of participants in this popular program continues to rise. This year 640 students participated in the program.
  • Hire a new staff position to work with the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Greek organizations.

Trio Student Support Service

  • Trio Student Support Services program continues to function at full capacity with 140 students participating.
  • The program continues to exceed it retention and student success goals with 83% of students retained in 2012-13 and 84% of students remaining in good academic standing.
  • Collaborates with a variety of campus departments to provide programs and services to Trio students.

Other Student Affairs Activities

  • More than 95 students participated in the Student Affairs International Learning Program (ISLP) this year. Students traveled to Belize; Cebu, Philippines; Botswana, Africa; Croatia; and Barbados, West Indies. The ISLP is an interdisciplinary program building strong ties to a variety of academic programs including Education, Communications, Dentistry, and Justice Administration.
  • The Division of Student Affairs hosted the fifth annual Veterans Symposium in February of 2013. The symposium brought speakers from across the country to talk about programs and services designed to help veteran succeed in school. More than 200 participants from 39 different states attended to discuss issues and best practices related to student veterans..
  • Each month the Vice President for Student Affairs Office sends out an electronic parents newsletter to more than 5,430 parents. This newsletter highlights campus programs and services and provides parents with timely information and tips.
  • The Division of Student Affairs hosted the prestigious Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) Don Gehring Academy in the summer of 2013. The The Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Academy provides both a basic judicial and mediation curriculum as well as an advanced track for those professionals interested in a significant refresher experience in the fields of conflict resolution and higher education legal issues.  The Academy will return to UofL in the summer of 2014.
  • Our university staff, alumni, and friends continued to be supportive of university programs and initiatives. We were thankful for $48,740 in individual contributions this year as well as $85,000 in corporate support. Corporate support was directed to the new Student Rec Center.
  • During the past year the Division of Student Affairs awarded 90 scholarships to students totaling more than $23,000 from endowments maintained through gifts from alumni and supporters.
  • The Division of Student Affairs continues to be responsible for publishing a weekly email newsletter to all students highlighting student news and events. The student news and events updates are also pushed via RSS feeds to various campus websites and to Facebook and Twitter.
  • The Division of Student Affairs put together a student service project at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans in January 2013. UofL partnered with the University of Florida and convinced more than 85 volunteers to work together to help a New Orleans community agency clear and prepare a vacant lot for a community garden.
  • UofL celebrated it 76 annual Fryberger Greek Sing with a special reception for alumni and parents prior to the performance. This successful event has been a new tradition.
  • During the Fall semester the Division of Student Affairs hosted an intern from the Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Deirdre Charles, Director of Student Advisory Services at the University of West Indies, spent three months at UofL working in various Student Affairs office to gain a perspective on our programs and services.
  • The Division of Student Affairs undertook a review of its business functions in an effort to improve the delivery and efficiency of business services.   The outcome was the creation of a business service center which pulled a number of divisional business functions and staff together in one location.  This new center helped us streamline a number of business practices and increased accountability in this important area.
  • The review of our divisional business functions helped us identified areas where changes could be made that would improve efficiencies and service to students. We worked with UofL Business Affairs offices to streamline the way we funded some student events. First: Instead of providing student groups with credit cards to make purchases for student programs, student groups are now issued checks based on their submitted program budget. Second: We now transfer Student Council funds to the associated academic departments in order to reduce administrative paperwork and encourage collaboration with their academic units. Both change improved services to students and reduce workload on business service staff.