Accomplishments 2010 - 2011


Career Development Center

  • Career Center expanded web based services including Cards Career Link, Interfolio, Interview Stream, Career SpotsCareer TV, On-Line Resume Review Interview Stream, Job Choices and Cards Mentor Network
  • Career Center staff conducted 624 individual career assessments and 1,299 individual career coaching sessions and more than 220 group presentations this year.
  • 2,639 new student accounts were created in Cards Career Link and 981 employers posted 2,338 jobs.
  • Career Center staff hosted 10 career fairs – Majors Fair, Engineering Fairs, University Wide Career Fairs, The Graduate School Fair, Part Time Job Fairs, Education School Fair and, Social Work Fair.
  • Career Center staff continue to provide support and customized service to individual academic units including Arts and Science, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Music, Nursing, Public Health, and the School of Social Work.

Counseling Center

  • Counseling Center supervised 13 practicum students throughout the year from School of Education, Kent School of Social Work and Spalding University. These students gained experience in counseling, assessment, and outreach activities. The Coounseling Center staff logged 260 hours of supervision with practicum students.
  • Counseling Center completed 36 Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessments which generated $15,428 in budgeted revenue.
  • Counseling Center staff conducted 4,758 individual sessions representing a 54% increase over the last two years. These numbers included 543 new intakes by Center staff.
  • Under the supervision of the Director of the Counseling Center the Department of Education TRIO grant  program hired four new staff, created office space, and recruited the 140 student participants (140 is the maximum number permitted by the grant). The $1.1 million grant provides us resources to focus on the retention of low income, first generation, or disabled students.
  • Counseling Center staff purchased and completed the initial install of Titanium - a computerized paperless record keeping and scheduling software package.


Disability Resource Center

  • Disability Resource Center completed the first year of the new student noting taking initiative. The initiative, entitled “Critical Thinking, Note Taking, and Diversity Training Program: A new Service Learning Opportunity",  allowed the Disability Resource Center staff to reallocate funds formerly used to pay note takers and provided additional service learning opportunities for students. Student note takers documented 8,082 hours of service this year.
  • The Disability Resource Center staff serve 500 students each year.
  • Disability Resource Center continues to see a increase in the number of tests it administers each year for university faculty, a 31% increase over the last two years.
  • Disability Resource Center staff moved to their new office space in Stevenson Hall. The new office space is in a more central campus location and allows for expanded services.


Dean of Students Office

  • Club Programming Committee (CPC) continues to provide funding for student organizations in an attempt to increase the number of activities on campus. Last year the CPC funded 184 events totaling $119,275. This represents a 48% increase in the number of events funded over the last two years. SGA is the primary sponsor of CPC. The following departments also provide support: Dean of Students Office, Provost, Undergraduate Affairs, Housing, and VP for Research.
  • The Dean of Students Office worked with the Student Government Association on a number of initiatives this year including the Student Rec Center funding, student ticket process, meal plan adjustments, and updating of the election rules.
  • The Dean of Students Office developed a "Family Friendly" designation for events listed in weekly student email to publicize events students could attend with their families.
  • The Student Care Team (SCT), under the direction of the Dean of Students, meets regularly to share information on student in crisis. This year the Team discussed more than 85 students in more than 174 separate student discussions.  The team continued to focus on student tracking, access to Persona Non Grata  listings, serving as a resource for faculty and staff, developing a process for faculty and staff to provide input to the SCT, and making sure the appropriate members of the campus community were participating in the discussions.
  • The Dean of Students Office continues to sponsor high profile programs designed to celebrate student success. Programs include Parent of the Year, Student Awards, Senior Day at the Downs, and Family Weekend.
  • The Dean of Students Office is working with other departments to complete the Student Engagement Record Program which will track student’s involvement in extracurricular programs. This data collection model will all for the tracking of student retention as it relates to student involvement as well a provide students with a co-curricular transcript.
  • The Dean of Students Office staff completed the revision of he student code of conduct and approval by appropriate university stakeholders.


Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Service

  • Students associated with the Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Service programs generated more than 10,900 total service hours during 2010-11.
  • Student Outreach Uniting Louisville (SOUL) is a program designed to provide opportunities for students to sign up for community service activities. The number of participants in this popular program continue to rise. This year 608 students participated in the program.
  • The "Friend of LOUniversity Summer Camp" program expanded to 25 participants this year. This groups of students spend almost a week learning about the city before classes started

  • The annual MLK Day continues to draw large numbers of students and has grown to the largest MLK service event in the commonwealth.
  • Staff from the Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Service accompanied students on service trips to India and Trinidad/Tobago.

Housing and Residence Life

  • The Housing and Residence Life program houses 4,206 students on campus which represents 32% of the student population.
  • 61% of all freshmen lived on campus during the 2010/2011 school year.
  • Continued refining the model for affiliation with privatized housing including updating the rubric / levels and restructuring the affiliation fee. Negotiated a renewal affiliation agreement with The Province and new affiliation agreements with The Bellamy and Cardinal Towne apartments.

  • Housing and Residence Life staff assisted with the transition to a mandatory meal plan for residence students and responded to student questions and waiver requests.
  • Worked with University Information Technology to complete installation of wireless service to all residence halls.

  • Completed integration of housing database (RMS) with university database (PeopleSoft)
  • Relocated Housing and Residence Life Office from Stevenson to West Hall completing change of Stevenson Hall from residential building to an administrative service building.
  • Completed a number of annual maintenance and renovation projects including the total redesign and renovation of the lobby of University Tower Apartment,  upgrade of 2 floors of apartments in apartments University Tower and 2 floors of rooms in Unitas Tower.


Intramural and Recreational Sports

  • Participation at all levels of the Intramural program continues to increase. More than 9,000 people participated in 41 different intramural sports programs.  This represents a  more than a 6% increase over the previous year.
  • Gym usage figures remained high with 470,586 users this year.
  • The SAC game room continues to be a popular spot for student to spend time between classes. More than 37,000 people used the facility this year.
  • The Health and Wellness program had more than 450 participants. This program is a collaboration with the University's' Get Healthily Now program.
  • The Intramural and Recreational Sports staff , in collaboration with SGA , were successful in identifying a funding model and gaining final approval from the university to proceed with the construction for the New Student Recreation center. The new center is scheduled to open in Fall of 2013.


Student Activities

  • Attendance at Student Activities Board events continues to remain high with more than  25,600 students attended these 184 student sponsored activities.
  • The Student Activities Center continues to serve the campus community handling 8,339 reservations - a 28% increase of the previous year. The increase in room reservations and equipment resulted in an increase revenue needed to sustain this heavy demand.
  • Greek Life continues to be an attractive leadership opportunity. There are 1,494 student involved in Greek Life which is nearly 10% of our undergraduate enrollment.
  • The number of recognized student organizations increased by 12% over the previous year. Students can now choose to participate in one of 394 campus organizations.

Other Student Affairs Activities

  • More than 99 students participated in the Student Affairs International Learning Program (ISLP) this year. In addition to Belize, students had three new program options including Cebu, Philippines; Botswana, Africa; and Barbados, West Indies. An additional trip to Croatia is also planned for 2012. The ISLP is an interdisciplinary program building strong ties to a variety of academic programs including Education, Communications, Dentistry, and Justice Administration.
  • The Division of Student Affairs hosted the third annual Veterans Symposium in February of 2011. The symposium brought speakers from across the country to talk about programs and service designed to help veteran succeed in school. Participants were from 62 different institutions and represented 24 different states.
  • Each month the Vice President for Student Affairs Office sends out an electronic parents newsletter to more than  9,000 parents. This newsletter highlights campus programs and services and provides parents with timely information and tips.
  • The Division of Student Affairs received hosted the prestigious Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) Don Gehring Institute in the summer of 2011.The Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute provides both a basic judicial and mediation curriculum as well as an advanced track for those professionals interested in a significant refresher experience in the fields of conflict resolution and higher education legal issues. The institute saw a dramatic  increase in attendance during it first year in Louisville.
  • The Division of Student Affairs generated $94,257 from alumni and other supporters. These funds are used to support our current endowed scholarship programs as well as programs and services in areas including leadership, veterans, international travel and graduate education. A one time gift of $75,000 was received from Louis and Louise W. Weisser Bornwasser to support the Student Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund was renamed the Louis and Louise W. Weisser Bornwasser Fund to honor their contribution.
  • During the past year the Division of Student Affairs awarded  56 scholarships to students totaling $18,450 from endowments maintained through gifts from alumni and supporters.
  • A new staff person was recruited into the division to assist with Development and Assessment Activities. Glenn Gittings started in July as Director of Special Programs.
  • The V ice President Office worked with the Dean of Students Office and the Student Activities Office to strengthen Black Greek organizations. A campus wide task force submitted their report and steps were taken to address some of the recommendations included in the report. Resources and support services are being put in place with the goal of having all members of the Divine Nine Student Organizations on campus within the next few years..
  • The Division of Student Affairs continues to be responsible for publishing a weekly email newsletter to all students highlighting student news and events. The student news and events updates are also pushed via RSS feeds to various campus websites and to Facebook and Twitter. We also maintain a campus-wide student events calendar on line which is printed and distributed in a monthly calendar format.