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tmphotoTim Moore has spent all of his adult life on a college campus and has a great deal of expertise in campus centers and activities administration. A native of Virginia, after graduating from the University of Richmond he journeyed to Western Illinois University to earn a masters degree in recreation and park administration with a concentration in college union and activities administration. From there, his career has taken him to schools as diverse as the University of Nebraska, and Dartmouth College. Before coming to the University of Louisville as Director of Student Activities and Student Activities center, he worked as the director of the Hughes Trigg Student Center at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

When Moore entered the University of Richmond he was considering a career in law and decided to major in political science and sociology. But, as his college career progressed and he got involved in activities on campus, he began to change his mind. He found that he enjoyed his participation in the campus Program Council and saw that by working in higher education administration he could get paid to do similar work. “I had been very active in student groups during all four years at Richmond,” he says. “I also worked in the Commons as part of the operations team. I had been able to attend regional and national conferences related to campus activities … if I had not been involved [in student activities], quite honestly, I would have had no clue that this was even a career choice.”

From graduate school Moore went on to work at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minn., as assistant director of student activities for two-and-a-half years. He next went to Idaho State University as program coordinator for a year-and-a-half, then to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he was program director and assistant director for campus activities for six years. The next four years he spent at Dartmouth College as director of student activities and the campus center. Deciding that a warm climate would be nice, he moved to Southern Methodist University where he has worked for the past 10-½ years. “In most of the cases I changed jobs for the opportunity to move on to some new challenges, or the opportunity to work in a new environment or different type of educational environment,” he explains.

As director of SMU’s student center Moore’s main responsibility was to make sure the center “is up and running every day for the campus community to use.” He and a full-time staff of seven professionals and about 50 students work to oversee about 8,000 functions a year in the center. “It ranges from helping and supporting very high-profile people to student organization meetings,” he says.

Moore enjoys the constant change that is inherent in his work. “Every single year we have a whole group of new first-year students that arrive on campus,” he says. “It changes the whole dynamic of the campus community every single year.” He also enjoys having the opportunity to meet and work with well-known people who are visiting campus, from former presidents and first ladies to others in the news. “It is never dull.”

Throughout his professional career, Moore has been active in several professional associations. He has served in national and regional leadership position in the National Association for Campus Activities, the Commission IV Directorate of the American College Personnel Association and the Association of College Unions – International. He has presented over 100 educational sessions at regional and national conferences. “For me professional association involvement is a way to stay current in my professional field, network with colleagues across the country and contribute to the development of the profession” he says. Moore has published a number of articles including "Excellence in Campus Activities", "Legal Concerns for Campus Activities", "Managing Change in the 1990s", "Campus Activities in Cyberspace", "Rules of the Road - How to Behave in Cyberspace" and “The Technological Future of Campus Activities”. He also has provided consultation to other institutions and organizations around the country on organizational development, event management and administration and technological applications to student affairs.

Although the work is always interesting, Moore does have interest outside of work. He has visited all forty-eight states in the continental United States and appreciates U.S. history. He enjoys all types of music which explains why he has five iPods. He enjoys watching all types of sports, especially college sports. Moore says he always has three or four books that he is reading as well Internet news feeds. “I’m an information and trivia junky,” he says. “I’m also a computer nerd and love Apple Computers – you can just do some many cool things these days with a computer.” Moore worked for Apple Computer in their retail store division part-time for several years. “It was a great experience to observe an innovative experience of opening an entirely new retail division.”

At the University of Louisville Moore will be responsible for overseeing the Swain Student Activities Center, student activities programming, recognized student organizations, Greek life, and commuter student affairs. The primary charge of his position is to create a dynamic campus life program that engages students in the University experience. “The opportunity afforded to me at the University of Louisville helps me move toward my professional goals. I’m looking forward to facilitating and creating a dynamic campus life experience for UofL students.”

For Moore, it’s always been about learning from opportunities. ‘I’ve had many wonderful opportunities that I have been able to experience professionally and personally. From meeting the President of the United States to carrying Keith Richard’s guitar, I’ve been able to experience some wonderful moments. I know that many wonderful opportunities await me at the University of Louisville.”

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