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Selected Changes in Division Re-Structure Spring 2007

SGA Support

  1. Reassign Sheryl Meier to Career Services (1.0).
  2. Transfer SGA budget amount of Sheryl Meier salary line into Student Affairs.
  3. Adjust tuition remission for elected positions.
  4. Establish graduate assistant position responsible for SGA Executive Council. Fund from Student Affairs.
  5. Transfer SAB GA to Student Affairs. Transfer $12,600 from SGA/SAB to Student Affairs. This eliminates staffing within SGA and removes burden of staffing issues, merit adjustments, and human resources from SGA.
  6. Adjust Tina Talley's PIQ to include .50 support of SGA operations. Fund from Student Affairs.
  7. Redo Suzanne Galbreath's PIQ to include .50 support of SGA operations. Fund from Student Affairs.
  8. Eliminate temp receptionist position.


SGA Related Office Changes

  1. Relocate SGA to RSO office suite. This locks enables greater synergy between multiple offices. It also best utilizes the personnel and limited resources.
  2. Relocate SAB to Campus Life suite.
  3. Relocate RSOs to Campus Life suite.
  4. Relocate AVP/DOS, Assistant Dean (conduct) and office support to old SGA suite.
  5. Relocate leadership, international service learning, and service learning to old SGA suite.
  6. Relocate Dave Shaw to Campus Life suite. Relocate Albert and Ken to shared office in SAC (David Horrar).
  7. Relocate David Horrar to Career Services area.

Student Affairs Changes

  1. Debra Mayberry position updated from Assistant Director for Diversity to Career Coach within Career Services. No change in salary.
  2. James Brown position updated from Career Counselor to Career Coach within Career Services. No change in salary.
  3. Michelle Clemens position updated from Executive Director to Assistant Dean overseeing conduct, special projects, alcohol and drug, assisting with development, and serving as liaison to multicultural affairs and child care. No change in salary.
  4. Barb King position updated from Director of Commuter Services to Assistant Director for Commuter Programs within Student Activities, reporting to new Director of Student Activities/Student Activities Center. Position will also serve as co-advisor to SAB.
  5. Jan Rayburn relocated from Student Programs area to Commuter Programs lounge reporting to Barb King.
  6. Establish Director of Student Activities/S.A.C. with oversight for student activities, RSOs, Greeks, programs, S.A.C., and commuter programs.
  7. Update leadership position by merging it with international and service learning. Change reporting directly to AVP/DOS.
  8. Update Dale Ramsey’s position, removing oversight of the S.A.C. and adding special projects.
  9. Establish marketing and technology department within division, clustering David Horrar, webmaster, LAN, and graphic artists in Career Suite to serve division.
  10. Reassign Mary Rumford from Red Barn to Student Activities suite.
  11. Reassign Valerie Browning from Student Activities to Career Services.
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