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Birthday List



Name Department Birthday

Meyer, Kathleen Student Involvement - CELS 1/6

Smyser,Martha Lynn Housing and Residence Life 1/14

Morse, Joanna Counseling Center 1/15    
Morgan, Geri Dean of Students 2/1    
Johnson,Gregory Intramurals 2/6

Zody, Karen Counseling Center 2/7

Howe,George J. VP Student Affairs/Student Activities 2/13

Harris, Breion Student Involvement - CELS 2/13    
Galbreath,Zeda Suzanne VP Student Affairs 2/15

Schneiderman, Richard Housing and Residence Life 2/16    
Horrar,David Paul VP Student Affairs 2/24

Quisenberry,Kenneth  Student Involvement 3/4

Burton,Albert Student Involvement 3/14

Johnson, Jeremy Counseling Center - TRIO 3/10

Ulmer, Laura Dean of Students 3/24

Elmer, Heidi Student Involvement - CELS
Henry, David Housing and Residence Life 3/30

Ramsay,Dale  Intramurals 4/6

Hardy,Shirley Ann VP Student Affairs 4/8

Rice,David A. Intramurals 4/11

Mianzo,Frank A. VP Student Affairs 4/13

Gettys, Colleen Disability Resource Center 4/16

Mayberry,Debra Ann Career Center 4/18

Thornberry, Bridgette Housing and Residence Life 4/18    
Smith, Teresa Student Involvement 4/23

Stigall, Charisma Dean of Students 5/1

Browning,Valerie C. Career Center 5/2    
Taylor, Angela Dean of Students 5/3

Wolford,Beverly Denise Dean of Students 5/8

Peterson, Justin Intramurals 5/10    
Day,Janice Sue Intramurals 5/12

Brown,Vincent  Counseling Center 5/21

Onnembo,Julia A. Student Involvement 5/28

Jenkins, Alex VP Student Affairs 5/29


Riffle, Lee Ann  Student Involvement 6/6

Cunningham,Amanda Sue Housing and Residence Life 6/13

Kalawski, Juan Pablo Counseling Center 6/14

Staten,Shannon D. Housing and Residence Life 6/15

Petty, Nadine Counseling Center - TRIO 6/21

Pendleton, Kathy Counseling Center 7/2

Hazen, Ashley Housing and Residence Life 7/8    
Gittings, Glenn VP Student Affairs 7/9

Porter, Thomas Intramurals 7/19    
Mercer, Laura VP Student Affairs 7/12

Lynch,Timothy Allen Intramurals 7/21

Student Involvement 7/31

Ramsay, Ryan Intramurals 8/12

Massey,Michelle Newton Housing and Residence Life 8/13

Woodall,Deborah Sue Intramurals 8/13

Staten, Josh Career Center 8/15    
White,Terri Lee Counseling Center 8/15

Blake, Bob Disability Resource Center 8/26

Burke,Joni Knight Student Involvement 8/28    
Menger, Matthew Housing and Residence Life 9/1

Metry,Roger  Intramurals 9/3

Curtis,Pamela N. Student Involvement - CELS

Moore, Tim Student Activities 9/12

Smith,Jacqueline Ann Housing and Residence Life 9/18

Mathis, Bryan Housing and Residence Life 9/19

Gamsky, Joe Intramurals 9/22

Todden, Jennifer Housing and Residence LIfe 9/26    
Tillotson, Rebekah VP Student Affairs 9/29    
Potts, Christopher
Housing and Residence Life 10/1

Pinckney, Michelle Counseling Center 10/4

Clark,Rebecca I Career Center 10/5

Erickson,Leslye Ann Career Center 10/5

Billings, Gabrielle
Counseling Center
Michalski, Rusty Intramurals 10/13

Copridge, Keeley Counseling Center - TRIO 10/22    
Garrett, James Housing and Residence Life 10/24

Patus,Cathy Disability Resource Center 10/25

Shaw,David Student Involvement 10/25

Smith,Molly Anne Disability Resource Center 10/27

Smith,John D. Intramurals 11/2

Dale, Ashley Career Center 11/9

Powell, Brenda Caounseling - TRIO 11/9    
Mardis, Michael Dean of Students 11/10

Cucura, Susie VP Student Affairs 11/11

Fisher,Teresa Diane Disability Resource Center 11/13

Hatfield,William David Intramurals 11/19

Nordquist, Abigail Counseling 11/23    

Rayhill Shaun Career Center 12/1

Real, Matt Career Center 12/2

Allen, Tanisha Counseling Center 12/4

Jackson,Thomas R VP Student Affairs 12/18

Sutherland,Robin K. Student Involvement 12/28

Cross, Jeffrey Student Involvement 12/29

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