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Points of Interest

When will the renovation begin?sac food service

Once the new Student Recreation center opens in fall 2013 the renovation will begin.


When will the renovation be completed?

Expected to be completed in fall 2014


How much is the renovation going to cost?

The total project budget for the renovation is $9.4 million.  The project budget includes construction, architect fees, equipment and furniture.


How is the project being funded?

The renovation will be paid for by existing Student Building Fee that was established in 1983 for maintenance, debt service and renovation of the Student Activities Center (SAC).  No new fees are being created or charged to completed the renovation



Who will be able to use the meeting rooms?

The meeting rooms will be able to be reserved by recognized student organizations, University departments and  organizations from the community.


What type of activities will be able to be held in the meeting rooms?

A variety of student organizations, student initiated events, departmental events, academic conferences and community events will be able to take place.

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