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SGA Student Senate Travel Scholarship Fund Request

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The Travel Scholarship Fund is money that the Student Senate has set aside to defer travel expenses for those students within organizations attending conferences, academic competitions, and non-varsity/non-intramural athletic competitions outside the metropolitan area.  In order to apply for these funds, your organization must:


  1. Be a recognized student organization in good standing , not on probation status.
  1. This form is due at least 24 hours prior to the next meeting.  The Appropriations Chair will notify you of the meeting location prior to the meeting.  The meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. unless you are notified otherwise.  If you miss the deadline, you must wait for the next meeting.

        Meeting Schedule:    September 10, 2013
                    September 24, 2013
                    October 22, 2013
                    November 12, 2013
                    November 26, 2013
                    January 7, 2014
                    January 21, 2014
                    February 4, 2014
                    February 18, 2014
                    March 4, 2014
                    March 18, 2014
                    April 1, 2014   
  1. Attach registration form and brochure on proposed event.
  1. Attach your annual budget to request form.
  1. Attend both the Appropriations Committee meeting and the following Student Senate Meeting.
  1. All awards will be processed through Financial Aid as a scholarship.  We no longer issue reimbursements after the trip. 
  2. Questions regarding the application process should be submitted to the Appropriations Chair at

If your request receives final Student Senate approval, contact the Janice Day at or 852-8338 the day after the Student Senate meeting for instructions on how to receive your award.

 Graduate students must apply for travel funds through the Graduate Student Council.  No double dipping with several SGA funding sources will be allowed.

If any of the above guidelines are violated, your organization may forfeit the opportunity to apply for SGA funds again.


As a representative of  the organization listed above, I agree to the above SGA guidelines.  I also understand that our organization cannot be reimbursed for prior expenditures.  The trip must take place after final Student Senate approval at the Student Senate meeting.  Failure to attend both the Appropriations Committee and Student Senate meetings will void the request.  Final paperwork including travel vouchers must be completed and submitted to the SGA Program Assistant by UofL’s cutoff date for end of the fiscal year expenditures.  Failure to do so automatically voids the award.

There are no exceptions to any of the above information.

Type name as acknowledgement of guidelines listed above

 **The Appropriations Committee policy is to award a limit of $125 per person up to six students per organizations per semester.  Again, graduate students should request funds through the Graduate Student Council.

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