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OLD SGA Weekly Email

Student Government Association Weekly Email Guidelines and Submission Form

Student Government Association

Weekly Email Guidelines and Submission Form


  1. Announcements should relate to official university business or to university-sponsored activities for students.
    Faculty and staff do not receive this email.
  2. Only events and activities sponsored by the University of Louisville – its departments, schools, centers, organizations, and recognized student organizations will be accepted. Submitted events need to be open to the entire university community. No commercial promotions or events will be accepted.
  3. Announcements should be submitted using the on-line announcement submission form   -  located at the bottom of this page. The submission form should be completed in its entirety. Incomplete submission forms will not be posted, nor will the contact person be notified. 
  4. Announcement text will be “cut and pasted” directly from the submission forms. The submitter is responsible for all proofreading. 
  5. Announcement text is limited to 100 words. Announcement that exceeds 100 word will be edited without discussion with the submitter.
  6. Announcements may be repeated only after two weeks have passed from the initial announcement. There is a maximum of three runs for an announcement.
  7. Submitting an announcement does not guarantee on-line posting. Submitters will be notified by email if their submission is denied. This email is sent out weekly to the university email account of students registered prior to the beginning of each semester. There is no assurance that all students will receive or read the information sent. 
  8. The Student Government Association and/or the Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to refuse, edit, or withdraw announcements at their discretion including but not limited to announcements for non university events, events that are exclusionary and/or announcements that includes inappropriate language, commercial promotions, or promote events contrary to the mission, policies or procedures of the University of Louisville.    
  9. The following information will generally NOT be accepted for inclusion in the weekly emails: job postings, business advertisements, messages directed at a limited audience, death notices, events and activities not sponsored by University organizations or departments. 
  10. For additional information call 852-6933 or email sgaemail  

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Before Clicking on "Submit," double-check the accuracy of all dates, times, costs, and locations included in the announcement.

Deadline for Submissions for Sunday Edition is Thursday at Noon

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