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The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education (Programming & Leadership) is a part-time, preferred live-on position.  As a part of the Residential Education team, this position’s primary goal is to support the academic, social, recreational, interpersonal, and health and safety needs of the residents both in the building and on campus.  This Graduate Assistant will do this through working with different levels of staff on the administration, implementation and assessment of the residence hall’s student conduct and programming.   

This position will be working with the Residential Education team with the administration, implementation and assessment of programming in the halls and throughout campus.  This includes working with the building directors to hold RAs accountable for programming and community building, assessing the effectiveness of the department’s programming model and working on the execution of one multi-hall program a semester.  This also includes managing the RA resource room, which includes, but is not limited to ensuring the Resource Room is a functional work area for all RAs to use, reporting on inventory on a monthly basis and researching additional resources for the department’s community building efforts.

Additionally, this Graduate Assistant will be working the Residence Life team to help coordinate decision making workshops, assess the effectiveness of sanctions and ascertain all cases are followed up on and referred appropriately. 

This Graduate Assistant will also contribute to the leadership development of the Department’s student staff by working with the Assistant Director of Residential Education and instructors on the ECPY 355- Developing Campus Leadership Class. 

The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education  (Programming and Leadership) should demonstrate competencies in the following areas: Student Engagement, Student Conduct,  Residential Programming Models, Administration


Leadership and Personal Development


The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

  • assists in researching and evaluating engagement of students that live in our halls within their residence hall communities and on a campus-wide level
  • assists in researching and evaluating residents’ engagement within our communities and student conduct issues
  • assists in researching and evaluating University Housing policies in order to help residence life staff facilitate an environment conducive to the positive growth of individuals and groups.
  • works with Residential Education team to develop, and submit a program proposal for a professional conference
  • assists with RA selection, including planning and interviewing
  • assists with planning RA training




The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

  • assists in researching programming models  that take into account the personal development of the residents within the residence halls and ways to engage residents within their halls and throughout the campus community.
  • serves as a resource for building staff  in assessing  the needs of building community and makes use of programming as a tool to respond to the needs of the community
  • works with student staff to monitor the implementation of Department’s programming models in individual buildings with the understanding that all buildings should be adhering to a programming model that understands programs as being developed from a community development perspective focusing on university awareness, leadership, personal enrichment, lifelong learning and citizenship.
  • coordinates the collection of evaluation of programs at their completion and works on compiling this information to assess,  evaluate, and suggest recommendations for  our programming model.
  • generates reports on programming in the halls each semester and submits to Assistant Director of Residential Education
  • manages the RA Resource Room
  • works with Residence Life Coordinator to develop training opportunities (August/January, in-services, on-going training) for different levels of staff


Student Conduct


The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

  • is familiar with and implements a fair and consistent application of University and Housing regulations as they relate to standards of behavior.
  • makes referrals to the proper University officials, when appropriate.
  • understands the housing discipline system and can explain it to staff and  students.
  • facilitates and coordinates a ¼  of all decision making workshops




The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

  • advises NRHH
  • meets regularly with NRHH president
  • attends NRHH meetings
  • works with building directors to make sure OTMs (of the months) are submitted
  • works with NRHH on annual Housing Banquet
  • submits relevant information for annual report




The Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

  • meets with supervisor one-on-one weekly
  • attends all residence life staff meetings (“Avenue E”)
  • attends Residential Education meetings as needed
  • attend Student Affairs Divisional meetings (once a semester)
  • attend full staff Housing & Residence Life staff meetings
  • submits monthly reports
  • maintains 10 hours each week as office hours during which s/he will be available in his/her office.  The hours are determined and submitted to the Assistant Director of Residential education at the beginning of each semester. 


General Responsibilities

  • abide by Code of Ethical Conduct
  • support and implement all decisions and policies made by Housing & Residence Life
  • support the mission of Housing & Residence Life
  • abide by the policies for operation in the Housing & Residence Life office
  • must be registered for graduate level course load
  • participate on rotating on-call schedule



$620 stipend per month, furnished apartment, out-of-state tuition portion paid (graduate programs only), $560/semester  meal card, $200 for professional development and health insurance coverage.

How to Apply

EMAIL  Taylor U'Sellis and attach a resume, three references and a cover letter tailored to this position.

For additional information contact Taylor U'Sellis, Housing and Residence Life, West Hall, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292. - or phone 502-852-6636.

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