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First Year Guide Student Assistant


First Year Guide Program Assistant Major Responsibilities:

  • Abides by the FYG job factors
  • Assists in planning and coordinating FYG training sessions for April and August
  • Creates and edits training packet and manuals (reviewed by Ashley)
  • Advises five FYG Hall Leads through serving as a mentor, resources, and having the ability to answer questions and correspond weekly with Hall Leads
  • Coordinates FYG monthly full staff and hall Lead meetings
  • Holds regular office hours
  • Updates Ashley weekly on FYG’s missing hours, program deadlines, and so forth during weekly 1:1 meetings
  • Responsible for all write-ups and performance concerns for FYGs and FYG Hall Leads
  • Tracks budget/spending of FYG program funding
  • Manages a general FYG event calendar
  • Manages blackboard page
  • Monitors floor hour reports
    • Review FYG hour logs submitted by hall leads once per week
    • Review, sign, and submit timesheets
  • Screens, approves, and tracks program proposals
    • Includes emailing each FYG approving/denying proposal
    • Assessing amount of funding requested for programming
  • Provide assistance with programming on a need basis
    • Advise on resources/suggestions when applicable
    • Assist with printing, access to RARR, etc.
    • After program approval by Hall Lead, Signs all pro-card requests
  • Assist with attending at least 10 FYG programs and major affiliated events
  • Plan an End-of-Year Celebration for the FYG program
  • Coordinates the tracking and assessment process for FYG programs
  • Review and assess end-of-year evaluation of program
  • Coordinate FYG selection process in the spring
  • Assists with FYG Placement for the following fall

General Responsibilities:

  • Assists the program coordinator with management of conduct reports
    • Have a working knowledge of the housing discipline system and can explain it to staff and  students
    • Assist with generating weekly reports
    • Assist with updating conduct forms and manuals
  • Work as an office assistant to the program coordinator as needed
  • Assist in overseeing the Housing and Residence Life Staff Resource Room
    • Track the need of equipment and supplies and general office maintenance
  • Additional tasks as needed due to our high pace program. Additional tasks will be discussed and decided upon with supervisor.
  • Meet with supervisor one-on-one weekly
  • Abide by Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Support the mission of Housing & Residence Life
  • Abide by the policies for operation in the Housing & Residence Life office


  • Will be paid for 15 hours a week at $7.60 per hour from 8/1/13 to 10/31/13 and will be paid 10 hours a week from 10/31/13 until 4/28/14
  • Schedule of hours is to be determined upon discussion
  • Office hours will be held in the Housing and Residence Life Staff Resource Room
  • Will follow FERPA and the confidentiality statement that has been provided


  • Must be enrolled in the CSP or Higher Education graduate program
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work well with a team of others and a co-leader on a one-to-one basis
  • Must have outstanding group facilitation skills and logistical planning experience
  • Final candidate must pass background check

Application Information:
Position open for applications until May 7th 2013 or until filled
Please send a letter of interest and resume to Ashley Hazen at

Reports to:

Ashley Hazen, Program Coordinator for Development and Community Engagement

Contact Information:
Ashley Hazen, Program Coordinator of Development and Community Engagement
Phone Number: 502-854-9042

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