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1.) How do I withdraw from class(es) after the university deadline for “Last day to withdraw?” Follow the link to your college:

2) How do I appeal for a Compassionate Medical Withdrawal?

Compassionate Medical Resources Information

3.) How do I change my major or find out about different academic programs and departments?

4.) How do I find tutoring help?

5.) How do I find information on online learning (distance education) at UofL?

6.) How do I learn about graduate programs at UofL?

7.) How can I take action if I have a grievance against a professor?


Money Matters

8.) How can I contact Financial Aid or the Bursar?

9.) How do I contact UofL student housing staff?


Student Services

10.) How do I complete a petition for readmission?

11.) How do I find a list of on-line student services at UofL?

Campus Community

12.) Who can I talk to about sexual harassment?

13.) How can I find Counseling Services?

14.) How do I find information on programs and resources for women?

15.) How do I become involved with student organizations at UofL?.

16.) How can I contact the Provost?

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