Voting Information

What you need to know for resident and non-resident students about making sure you can vote during the election!
Your Vote Counts

Voter registration information and forms are available through the following links:

If you are a currently enrolled student with a disability and require assistance with voter registration, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 502-852-6938 or visit the Disability Resource Center web page.

Educating Yourself to Make Your Vote Count

The FEC provides the National Voter Registration Form in a .PDF file, also a list of states that will not accept this but require their own form.

Project Vote Smart- Picture this: at an extraordinary research facility high in the Rocky Mountains hundreds of idealists -- conservatives and liberals alike -- volunteering together, spending thousands of hours researching the backgrounds and records of over 12,000 candidates for public office.

Brennan Center for Justice - Legal Guide to Student Voting: Information is available by state on how to navigate complicated voting and registration laws.