Student Award Winners

2018 Student Award Winners


2018 Student Awards

2017 Student Award Winners

2016 Student Award Winners

DRC Student of the Year - Keith Ausplan

Intramural and Rec Sports Solid Performance Award - R. Aebersold, S. Fink, E. Hansen, S. Russ, S. Taylor

Reach Tutor Award of Excellence

Reach Ambassador Spirit Award - Samuel Stevens

ACC Top Six for Service Awards - O. Boesing, T. Bradley, C. Gilmore, I. Habuda, T. Kubel, J. Ramirez

A&S Peer Advisor of the Year - Corey Feger

A&S Peer Advisor Rookie of the Year - Lauren Lewis

Outstanding Gen 101 Teaching Assistants - Kirtley Hall & Natalie Shields

Most Outstanding Orientations Peer Advisor - Aaron Vance

Cultural Center Advocay Award - C. Durgin, D. George, C. Nichols, L. Salinas, T. Wilson

Cultural Center Celebration Award - L. Antonio, T. Nguyen, M. White

Cultural Center Engagement Award - James lcantara, Aaisha Hamid

Cultural Center Scholarship Award - Rashon Sadler, Jalyn Shontee

Porter Scholar Service Award - A Abdulle, K Barnett, C, Brown, A Carter, T Gordon, N Johnson, C McKee, J Rhodes, Anoa, Zakee

PEACC Keeper Award - Hannah Nausbaum

AVIATOR of the Year - Kianna Johnson

Spirit of AVIATOR Award - Destinee Germany

AVIATOR Tour Guide of the Year - Logan Sanderson

AVIATOR Recognition for Outstanding Service - Brittney Brown

Outstanding AVIATOR Intern of the Year - Jamitra Fulleord

IFC Chapter President of the Year - Dakota Waldecker

NPHC Chapter President of the Year - Sydni Gordon

Katy Garrison LGBT Leadership Award - Ben Vivona & Talesha Wilson

Amber Carrier Student Ally Award for LGBT Service - Jenna Lyons

Outstanding Freshman Award - Kyle Bilyeo & Nicholas Yates

Outstanding Sophomore Award - Kevin Jacob

Outstanding Sophomore Award - Karen Udoh

Outstanding Junior Award - Hares Patel

Outstanding Senior Award - Allen Rakotoniana

Outstanding Senior Award - Jacquelyn Ha

Outstanding Senior Award - Megan Seldon

Outstanding Graduate / Professional Student Award - Douglas Saforo

Outstanding Graduate / Professional Student Award - Femmy Rose

Spirit of Community (Organization) - Delta Zeta Sorority

Spirit of Service - Grace Flaherty

Spirit of Service (group) - Cards Beyond Borders

Social Justice and Inclusion Award- Brandi Jones

Outstanding Student Employee Award- Katie Connor, Allison Cook, Jacqueline Wandling

Harold Adams Award- Cathy Patus

Outstanding New Organization of the Year- College Mentor for Kids

Student Organization of the Year- Best Buddies at UofL

The Cardinal Award of Excellence- Allen L.H. Rakotoniaina

Collaboration Award - Graduate Student Council, Graduate Minority Students, Counseling Center

Not Pictured:

  • Reach Ambassador Award of Excellence - Zofia Hetman
  • Outstanding Metropolitan Student - Crystal Krages
  • AVIATOR Legacy Award - J. Taylor Smith & Jasmine Wilkins
  • Panhellenic Council Chapter President of the Year - Mary Elizabeth Young
  • Spirit of Community - Nicole Roberson
  • Cardinal Award of Excellence - Jerome Soldo

Outstanding New Program - Omit the Silence (SAB Diversity Committee)

Outstanding New Program - Cards Against Hunger (SAB Outreach Committee)

2015 Student Award Winners

Disability Resource Center Student of the Year—Brittany Pittman

Intramurals Solid Performance Awards – Margaret Barnett, Chelsea Cook, Jennifer Lestingi, Carolyn Meiman, Joel Mullen, Mary Schlich and Katie Wells

REACH Tutor Award of Excellence—Carrie Reidy

REACH Ambassador Spirit Award—Andrew Grubb

REACH Ambassador Award of Excellence—Danielle Deal


ACC Top Six for Service Award— Chelsea Bingham, Abby Chin, Emily Stalmack, Becca Maddock, Andrew Stewart, Erin Yenney

The Peer Advisor of the Year—Benjamin Coffman

The Peer Advisor Rookie of the Year—Allie Funk

Most Outstanding Priority Advising Peer Advisor—Magen Cofer

Most Outstanding Gen 101 Teaching Assistant – Jessica Williams and Grant McKenzie

The Cultural Center Celebration Award— Ben Vivona, Caitlin Durgin, Laura Mallea

The Cultural Center Engagement Award—Temis Jimenez-Anaya and David Southers


The Cultural Center Scholarship Award— Lashawn Ford and Drew Mayfield

Outstanding Freshmen—Shayaan Khan and Madison Harley

Outstanding Sophomore—Jeremy Ball


Outstanding Sophomore—Bridgette Hildreth

Outstanding Junior –Laura Krauser


Outstanding Junior –Jerome Soldo

Outstanding Senior—Travone Taylor

Outstanding Senior—Natalie Smith

Outstanding Senior—Yi Ling Chan


Outstanding Senior—Rebecca Sears

Outstanding Senior—Amanda Allen

Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student— Matthew Keith



Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student—Dylan C. Brock

Spirit Community - Emily Ling

Spirit of Service– Rebecca Maddock and Joseph Albrecht

Social Justice and Inclusion Award - Samantha Harrison


Social Justice and Inclusion Award – Cardinals for the Appreciation of Musical Theater (CAMT)

Spirit of Service - Swipe to Serve

Outstanding New Program/Initiative — Museum/Trolley Hop Night for Graduate Students


SAB Collaboration Award—Food Chains:  ELSB Green Initiatives, SAB Film Committee, and GRASS




Outstanding Student Employees—Katie Marie Connor, Kayla Davis, Elizabeth Ehlman, Kaitlyn Fussner, Nicole Jordan

Outstanding New Organization—Shades of Movement

Outstanding New Organization—Medical Spanish Club

Student Organization of the Year—Empowering Ladies Together


Cardinal Award of Excellence Scholar/Volunteer - Lashawn Ford


2014 Student Award Winners

Cardinal Award of Excellence : Scholar/Volunteer: Christopher Barton

Cardinal Award of Excellence – Scholar/Leader: Ryan Nesemeier


Outstanding Graduat Student: Ahmed El-Barkouky

Outstanding professional student: Lee Richardson

Outstanding Professional Student: Jeremy Lowy

Outstanding Senior: Lashawn Ford

Outstanding Senior: Stephen Riddle

Outstanding Senior: Megan Devine

Outstanding Senior: Cecily Dupont

Outstanding Junior: Jade Montanez

Outstanding Junior: Rebecca Sears

Outstanding Sophomore: Stephanie Dooper

Outstanding Freshman: Jeremy Ball

Outstanding Freshman: Hares Patel

Outstanding Student Employees: J. Sadowski , S. Southard,

K. Rickmers, D. Nance, J. Lee

RSO Adviser of the Year: Ashley Hazen


Outstanding New RSO: School of Medicine Class of 2016

Student Organization of the Year: SAB

Collaboration Award: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and SCORE

Outstanding New Program: “Where’s the Beef,” SAB

Spirit of Service (Individual): Kelsie Hall

Spirit of Service (group): African Student Union

Spirit of Community: Kristia Worthy

Harold Adams Award: Brenda Hart

Amber Carrier Student Ally Award: Morgan Brickley &Sagar Patagundi

The Katy Garrison LGBT Student Leadership Award: Emalee Huber, Katie Rabalais, Noah Sparkman, Aldo Del Sol, Sam Speaks and John Pachja

PEACC Leadership Award: Abby Clevinger

Disability Resource Center Student of the Year Award: Erica Shelley

Department of Intramural Solid Performance Award: Natasha Trozzolo, Christine Exeter, Abby Jacob and Caitlin Gilmore

Housing Hall Director  & resident Assistant of of the Year: Miranda Thomas & Jacob Jones

REACH Tutor Award of Excellence is: Arsh Haque

ATP National Peer Tutor of the Year: Divine Anene-Favour

REACH Ambassador Award of Excellence: James-Dean Wood

REACH Ambassador Spirit Award: Abby Chen

Adidas Athletes of the Year: Joao Delucca and Shoni Schimmel

Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award: Joseph Healy


Inter-Fraternity Council Outstanding Greek Chapter President: Aaron Mayes, Tau Kappa Epsilon

National Pan-Hellenic Council Outstanding Greek Chapter President: Lauren Williams, Delta Sigma Theta