SophoMORE Program

Employers really want one thing: to hire people with the potential to be great employees and for them to contribute to making a great company. Students really want to find jobs with the potential to offer a great work experience. The SophoMORE Leadership Program (MORE) meets in the middle by focusing on some of the most desirable skills for new college students. 

MORE is a certificate program focused on sophomores or 3rd semester students; particularly those students who are still looking for their “perfect fit” for involvement at UofL.  The program involves earning badges.  Everyone is expected to attend the MORE program orientation.  Choose your level of participation by following the guidelines below.  You will only receive credit once unless noted otherwise!


Everyone must attend the orientation session to be involved in earning badges or the medallion, but you can begin completing requirements before attending an orientation session.  After that you will attend and record your involvement at your own pace.  Completion of portions of the program requires:

  1. Orientation (required for all participants)
  2. Attend one class from the list provided (required to earn Become Medallion)
  3. Prepare for getting an internship (required for Do badge and Become Medallion)
  4. Meet with Coach at least two times
  5. Attend Celebration of Student Leadership where certificates will be presented
  6. Complete all required items prior to March 1 in order to be eligible for recognition that year

Email Kathy Meyer at kathy.meyer@louisville.ed, Office of Student Involvement, SAC W310 852.6702 for more information.